Standing Confidently in Days of Uncertainty



It’s hard to miss the headlines these days….they are everywhere.


The market is plunging. 


The famine in Somalia is killing millions.


Riots in the streets of London.


Severe droughts all over the US.


So what do we do with all this news?


I am not a big news person.  I choose not to be.  I will take in the main news headlines on my computer, but I might not even read the articles.  I do not have my head in the sand, and I have decided that I want to have a bigger impact on the “news” than it has on me.


What I mean is that I choose to live in a proactive stance about the occurrences in this world.  I realize that I have the opportunity to assign whatever meaning I want to to the facts.  I get to choose how I will relate to what I hear, to what I see, and to what is happening in this world.


AND, I believe that I can have a huge impact on the people and places involved in the news and in the world events.  Let’s look at that a little deeper, because today’s blog post is a call to action for each of us.


I want to invite you today to get in the game perhaps in a new way and to make a huge difference.


What kind of difference am I talking about?


The difference is contained in these words:









There is advanced scientific technology now being developed, called the Global Coherence Initiative, that allows scientists to observe changes in the earth’s magnetic field and test the hypothesis that the earth’s field is affected by mass human emotions, positive or negative.  This system will examine the relationship between the earth’s magnetic field, collective human emotions and behaviors, and planetary changes.

“The Global Coherence Initiative is perhaps the greatest experiment in the history of the world.”     Jack Canfield


The point of all this Global Coherence is to build a reservoir of positive energy that benefits the planet. This can help bring stabilization to people and make it easier to find solutions to problems like poverty, war, hunger, climate change and other global issues.


Imagine if we all sent our heart energy of love, faith, compassion, courage, generosity and appreciation to this earth and to the peoples of this earth, and in return we were supported individually and collectively through the stressors and challenges of each day?


Imagine if we could contribute to global solutions by not reacting in fear to the headlines but by choosing faith?


Imagine if we could really make that much of a difference by choosing love over fear? 


When I realize that my commitment to be love contributes to peace on this earth, to our leaders having greater clarity in decision making, and to a greater global harmony, I am deeply inspired to get outside of myself and make a difference!


I want to offer you a specific strategy to help breed faith in these days of uncertainty.


Each time you find yourself thinking thoughts of fear, anxiety or concern about this world, your future, the economy, choose to focus on thoughts of love, compassion, generosity, appreciation, faith and courage.


Step One:  Notice what you are dwelling on.  Catch yourself in any unproductive thinking.


Step Two: Shift your focus immediately to something abundant. 


For example, you can shift to declaring favor upon our economy or your finances.

You can shift to declaring courage to our leaders, courage to the aid workers in Somalia.  You can shift to declaring compassion for the nation of Afghanistan and the turmoil there.  You can shift to declaring faith into places you feel fear about.


The possibilities are endless.


I have really been enjoying this lately…when I choose to turn my focus to abundance I feel peace, energy and new vision where just a moment before I felt frustration, fear, weariness, or concern.


I appreciate each of you!  Thank you for reading, for participating, and for being willing to play your biggest game. 


Let’s stand confidently, together,



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