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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”  Rumi


I was talking on the phone yesterday with my mother, telling her about an experience I’d had with my boys that day that was pretty “out there” let’s just say.  Not your everyday run of the mill teen experience, nor adult one for that matter.


And it was fabulous!


Now for me, today, “alternative” experiences are quite normal and quite wonderful, but there was a long stretch of my life when that was not so.


It was the kind of thing I would not have even discussed in my younger years for fear it was “wrong” or “new age”.


I started laughing with Mom about how rigid I had been in my 20’s and 30’s.  Yes, carefree to a certain point, but oh did I know what was right and wrong and did I ever live it with a passion.


I look back and wonder how I ever made it with such certainty about black and white, good and bad, moral and immoral.  How did I survive the inflexibility, the stifling box of rules, and the muffling sound of “righteousness”?


So much of what I was so sure about has been turned on it’s head, and I’ve come to see what is truly good, holy and beautiful about life and love.



As the Rumi quote above references, I was out to change the world.  I was going forth fiery and impassioned to make a major difference.  I had a vision and a plan!


What’s interesting to me is that it’s really only as I have learned to be flexible and open and allowing of “Love only” that I have started to impact the world.  Yes, perhaps one person at a time, or perhaps a few more than that, but it’s the loveliest of things.


In the past, the “mark” I was leaving was more about me and the crusade of what I deemed holy.  Today it’s only about one thing….Love.  It’s mostly quiet and nonchalant, peaceful and spacious, non-judgmental and accepting.


And it begins with changing myself.  With allowing all things to fall away that do not serve Love.  With being open to the whole world as blessing and teacher to me.  With being curious about “the other” and drinking in the valuable lessons from the myriad of expressions God brings before me.


I am free.  I am living whole.  I am experiencing boundless beauty.


I have chosen a path of soul evolution.  Of awakening.  Of exploring outside the bounds of what is even comfortable at times.  I trust that Wisdom within me will graciously guide me to all resting places….for fear serves no purpose on this path.


The path is unknown yet oddly known, risky and at the same time safe.  It’s filled with inexpressible beauty, and is the BEST place I’ve found to live FREE and unconstrained by mediocrity and status quo.


As Rumi says again, “Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment.”


My cleverness is on Craig’s list….how about yours?

See ya on the path,



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