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Do you know what a Jubilee is?


It can be a celebration marking a special event or a big whopper party.


The way I’m referring to it today goes way back into ancient times and faiths of Christianity, Islam and Judaism.


Every 50th year slaves and prisoners were freed, debts were forgiven, and God’s mercy was prevalent.  The word means “a trumpet blast of liberty.”


Can you imagine the liberty that was felt and deeply experienced during this time?


Imagine the weight of debt being lifted off of shoulders and hearts.


Imagine the “second chances” bestowed upon so many men and women.


Imagine the dancing in the streets over the awareness of unearned Mercy.


Take a moment and just imagine the Clean Slate granted to so many.


What if that happened in America today?


What if all of our debt was abolished in a moment?


Did you know that 77% of households in America are in debt?

62% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical illness?

Student debt is over 1 Trillion dollars!


Imagine the collective cry and sigh if all of that debt was removed right now?



I bet we would all feel something lift off of our lives simply because we are so connected.


Whether you are in debt or not, as a collective we all share the burden at some level.  It affects all of us.


There is an amazing organization called Rolling Jubilee that is buying debt from the banks, keeping it out of the hands of collectors, and then abolishing it.


This is what is on their website:


A bailout of the people by the people

Rolling Jubilee is a Strike Debt project that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. Together we can liberate debtors at random through a campaign of mutual support, good will, and collective refusal. Debt resistance is just the beginning. Join us as we imagine and create a new world based on the common good, not Wall Street profits.


If you want to read more or get involved please visit:


My point in all of this is to paint a picture of what is possible……to stir up status quo and resignation and to inspire us all to be agents of the Mercy of God.


What if we all decided every day to sound the trumpet of Liberty?


How might that look?


“What can I do?”, you say.


Well for starters you can forgive anyone and everyone you still hold something against.  You can release them from the debt you hold against them.


And if you’ve already forgiven them, then let go of your story about them.  Set them free from being the “criminal” you’ve made them out to be.  Quit holding them in that space, in that dark place, with complaint and negativity.  Just let them go.


And in doing so you will free yourself too.  I promise you.  The debt you hold them under enslaves you as well.


Isn’t it time for a Jubilee?


What if today we stopped telling every story that vindicates us and makes someone else out to be perpetrator, of any degree?


What if we did?  Hmmm……..


Be that government, Monsanto, ex’s, old friends, Big Pharma……and even ourselves.


What if we extend love, mercy, and light instead?


Now I’m not saying to condone the things being done that are damaging.  I’m not saying bury your head in the sand.  I’m not saying stop being a truth teller.  I’m not saying there aren’t awful things happening.


I am suggesting aligning with Source… in our thinking and feeling and being.


We resist so much in our accusations and blame.  We really don’t need to do that anymore.  We are stronger.  We are better.  We are leaders.


What friend do you need to pardon?


Who have you indebted to yourself through judgment?


Who do you need to release from those bonds?


Where do you need to release yourself?  To stop telling certain stories about your past?


We are agents of the Mercy of God.


And being that, we can stand in our powerful selves, create change where we want to, and not lower ourselves to do it.


As much as it doesn’t feel like it sometimes, we really are all in this together, and the world needs people who truly care about the good of all.


Where, today, can you welcome and activate Jubilee?


With love,
















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