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I saw a video the other day where in the credits it said, “In honor of life’s irrepressible urge to thrive.”  Man that leapt off the screen at me!


What powerful urgent compelling words!


I believe with all my heart that we are here to thrive.  And I realize there are so many days when we are most in touch with surviving…..and feel anything but thriving.  And I wonder though how much we can support and sustain this irrepressible urge to thrive by just remembering that this is our inner truth.


So that when circumstances and our perspectives have fallen into the shadows of surviving, we can tap into the echo of the deep well within us and echo right back, “Yes, I allow all good things to be in my life, and I choose the Light that is most authentic within me.”


Today’s blog is titled “Ride the Wave” because I have spoken with and been with so many people lately who feel like they are in a washing machine some days…being tossed around, up and down, and all over the place.  I have experienced this myself at times, and I think it’s so important that we know how to “ride the wave”, so to speak, on days like this.


We are living in days of acceleration, no doubt!  Some days are going to feel placid.  Some  are going to feel out of control and like we are in a fog.  Some days we are going to feel like a million bucks and totally in charge of life.  And some days we are going to feel emotional, sad and lonely.


It’s just the nature of the beast in 2012.  And this beast is awesome and magnificent and for our highest good and prosperity!!


So how do we ride the wave of evolution in this season and stay dialed into our thriving nature?


Let’s just assume that thriving is the NEW standard.  It’s the new normal….wouldn’t that be awesome?  It can be.  It will be if we believe it so.


I heard today that sharks can smell blood even if it’s only 1 part in 10 billion.  Oh my freaking gosh….1 part in 10 billion?  Those are some darn fine olfactory lobes.


When I heard this I immediately thought about us.  What if 1 part in 10 billion of our  life orientation was caught up in the “only surviving” mode and the other 9,999,999,999 was steered and geared towards THRIVING?


Maybe you think I am being a bit crazy, but really, come on, is this not what we are really here for?  If it’s true that we create our reality, and I believe we do, then why  not place the focus of every part of us on thriving?


What I am practicing in my own life is riding the wave each day…just allowing life to flow, no matter how I feel and no matter what circumstances are going on.  I literally picture myself sometimes like the gal in this photo—she’s going with the wave, staying in the flow.  She isn’t resisting the wave, isn’t resisting the turbulence.  She’s getting in sync and staying there.


I’m also practicing not reacting.  It’s a practice for sure.  When something comes along that I want to react to–when I am aware enough–I make the simple shift to breath, get some space, take a few moments, and then gently respond.  There is a huge difference between reacting and responding.  One is ego and the other Spirit.  One is fear and the other Love.  One takes my energy low and the other draws my energy high.


I have this image too of tossing out the old as I ride the wave.  Just discarding anything that isn’t serving me anymore as I go along.  I call this Jettisoning the Old.


Throwing the baggage overboard and getting rid of attitudes that aren’t producing the joy and peace I desire.


The next time you feel the heat, the next time you are in the washing machine of life, remember that you are here to thrive and encourage yourself with this truth.


Make the choice to ride the wave, release any resistance you may feel regarding the circumstances you are in, and trust that you will come to solid ground in due time.


Identify what attitudes and thoughts and internal conversations are not supporting your vision and toss them by the wayside as you go…gently let them go and turn your face in the direction of the shore.


You are not alone!  There are a whole lot of surfers out there, so take comfort that Spirit has His watchful eye over all of us.







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