Relentless Unpretentiousness





RELENTLESS UNPRETENTIOUSNESS: Possessing a strong determination to not take yourself too seriously, not take your cherished beliefs too literally, and not take other people’s ideas about you too personally.


I’m learning a valuable lesson right now.


And I’m so grateful that not another day is passing without this lesson being embedded in my being.


So grateful I’m not wasting energy in the unawareness of this powerful life distinction.


I now KNOW that it’s best to bless all of my creations, the ones I like and the ones I don’t like.  I now KNOW to laugh at (I actually prefer the out loud version) those things I think or do that I wish I hadn’t thought or done.


We cannot afford to be hard on ourselves, judge our lives, or berate ourselves with, “Why did I do that?  Say that?”


If you are avid about your life becoming Lighter and Brighter, then you will want to wholeheartedly and with great gusto embrace what can seem like quite a paradox.


I am a paradigm breaker.  I relish in exposing the ludicrousness of mindsets and strategies that do nothing more than imprison us.


We are told that success must come at all costs.  That failure is not okay.  That only straight A’s count.  Work harder, try harder, do better.  Raise the perfect kids.



If your method for success involves any self-judgment or self-condemnation, or if it involves negativity towards your choices and manifestations, then you are on the fast track to the quicksand of stuckness.  Your momentum has just become sludge.


The paradox lies in doing something that at first can feel quite unnatural.


What if you treated all of your actions with a sense of humor?


What if you approached every supposed mis-step, outburst, off moment, failure, and mess-up with an abundant sense of Grace?


It’s absolutely amazing what happens when you laugh right out loud AND bless the socks off one of the above situations.


Your creative energy keeps right on moving.  Momentum carries on in a forward positive direction.


It’s like you step right over a big boulder in your path.


And this RADICAL TRUST you’ve just chosen to display rewards you with the revelations and guidance that you need to choose and act wisely as you go forward.


Did you get that?


When we judge our creations our energy starts looping, and before you know it we are creating the same thing again and again and we wonder why.


When we bless our creations as GOOD we beget more GOOD.


When we smile at how powerful we are, no matter what we’ve manifested, we immediately feel the freedom to choose something new the next time.


Try it.  And then try it again and again.  Eventually it will become your practice and you WILL see and experience delicious results in your life.


More energy.

More joy.

More fun.


Less stress.

Less negativity.

Less pressure.






There is so much Cosmic assistance available for you.


Learn to approach your life with humor.  Learn to cherish your creations, no matter how awkward it may feel.


Good does indeed beget Good.

With love,




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