Reaching for the UN’s



My dad passed away September 25.  What a week it has been!  Oh my!  So much Goodness all around—kindness, comfort, friendship, unity, generosity…


I got to talk about Dad at the memorial service we had a couple of days ago in San Antonio.  The service was outside, and the beauty was riveting, the birds were chirping, and a refreshing breeze was blowing.  Heavenly.


I spoke about how Dad is now unencumbered, unrestrained, uncontained and unlimited.  In the middle of my sharing it occurred to me, as I looked around at dear family and friends, that these states of being can be accessed now.


I was sharing within the context of how Dad now exists “beyond” the human experience….of how his consciousness is now completely free of the human cloak, free of the ego’s illusions, and free of the past.  As I looked out at the faces, I saw beneath the physical, to souls longing for something new, something more wonderful, and something more intangible than tangible.  It was very powerful.


I think it’s so easy to get caught up in being human.

We’ve become so accustomed to this 3rd dimensional reality of time and space.  Of course we have—it’s what we have known for so long.  No problem.  And what if there is so much more available right now?  What if we’ve allowed ourselves to be anchored in humanity rather than anchored in divinity?


Now I get we are human.  For now.  And it’s a gift, a beautiful experience for which I am immensely grateful!  And if my greatest desire is for “Heaven on earth”, and if I am following in the footsteps of Jesus, who I think modeled heaven on earth better than anyone, then what am I waiting for?


Could we shift our thinking and intention to the orientation of Unencumbered?  To that of Unlimited?  Unrestrained?  Uncontained?


What if we did?  What might happen?  What might we experience, share, and create together?

What if we lived as if past had no effect?  What if we lived with ego serving Spirit?

What if we accessed the Divine power to be healed, to live in daily miracles, and to love fully and without restraint?


We are a unique blend of human and divine.  Perhaps it’s time to put the focus on truly believing for the divine in us to override human limitation.   Time to be the Masters that we truly are….time to shed limiting beliefs and time to say “no more” to the conversations and experiences of the past we’ve allowed to define us.


It’s a new day, a new season, a new age.


The only containment is that which we choose.  We are not alone, ever.  There is resource, abundant resource, surrounding us in one another, in the angels, in nature, and in those who have gone before us.


I’m standing up and reaching for the UNknown of today, as a sailor might go up to the crow’s nest to look around and see what’s out there.  I’m reaching for the UN’s…..and it begins with UNdoing and UNlearning the thinking and feeling of yesterday.


And it begins with knowing I am UNified with all of creation.  I’ll meet you out on the high seas where UNencumbered, UNlimited, UNrestrained, and UNcontained abound!


Thanks Dad, for showing me the way with your Bright Light.  I love you.





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