Does anyone remember those Rolaids commercials from forever ago:

“So how do you spell relief?”


Well I can’t say that I spell relief: R-O-L-A-I-D-S, but I do have a new spelling for relief:  T-R-U-S-T.


Big time trust.  Trust with a capital T.  Trust, as in, All is Well kind of trust.  Trust in the Providence of Life itself.


Do you know the feeling of relief?  When all of a sudden you get really good news from what could have been a terrible situation? Or you were super pressed in your schedule and then out of the blue someone cancels or something falls through and you can breath again?  Or when you are driving along and someone almost runs into you but they don’t and you feel so relieved?  Do you know the feeling?


That deep breath, that sigh, that lightness that goes through your whole body?  Peace, release, tension draining out of you, ease….relief.



I’m just thinking today that this is how we are meant to live.  With ease, lightness, relief.  It’s what we can choose anytime we want to.  I don’t believe we have to be super human or super Pollyanna to dwell in this.  Nor should we be.  Could it be that it’s a practice, an attitude, a declaration of our trust?


Like what if in every moment we aren’t experiencing ease and lightness and peace, we train ourselves to think thoughts that move us towards relief?  What if, in those moments, we stop and decide to trust in the sovereign Love of life itself?  To trust completely that everything will be okay?


You see, I think we propagate the very things we don’t want by allowing resistant thoughts and feelings.  To me, anything not of ease is at some level resistant.  At some level we are choosing to not let go, to not trust, and to work it out on our own.


I get how a situation might tire us out or go on for awhile such that we lose patience or peace for a time.  I get that.  And I’m still investigating the possibility of trusting in such a way that we readily surrender to what could be, we readily let go of the doubt, the control, the anxiety, and choose to believe that Love will provide exactly what we need?


Such that, though the situation might not change immediately, we change.  The biosphere of ourself changes.  The environment, the soil of our lives, and the climate of our hearts.  Ummmm.


Relief.  Ease.  Sigh……..


I’m noticing how I think too much.  About this or that, how this, how that…..this thinking takes my energy.  It robs the ease.  And as I contemplate God, I just can’t see Him in anything but joy.  In anything but relief.  In anything but complete calm.  He trusts.  He is trust.  He just is.  He just is Goodness, Life, and Peace.


So if God lives in me, or more like if I live in God…..isn’t this completely available to me?  Why of course!  Not only is it available, it’s my birthright.  It truly is the destiny of all of who I am.  It’s really like who I am deep down, who I am that is yet covered up by my human identification.


So I’m excited.  🙂

I’m excited to lean into this.  I’m excited to embrace this and practice it and envision it until it is the manifest basis of my life.


Do you know that no one is putting any pressure on you?  For anything?  You are a free being and you get to live your life however you want to.  And I think that when we choose to join in the Family, capital F…..when we choose to align ourselves with the Grand Purpose of Life, we feel the freedom of this.  We feel the relief that comes with trusting the Benevolent Scheme of the Cosmos.


Light shines in the darkness.  No matter what you see around you that looks dark, if you will but look up, you will feel the Divine breath upon your life, and you will know that indeed all will be okay.


I pray the feeling of relief upon you this week, in great measure.





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