in or out



Ask yourself,  “In or out?”


Learn to check in on yourself throughout the day and inquire as to where you are operating from.  Are you operating from inside your being or are you reacting to something that is outside of you?


In or out?


From within my heart, from within my Divine Self, from within the well of Love inside of me?


Or from a fear based reaction to something I see or hear outside of me.  Or from a shortage consciousness triggered by something I experience in the world around me or with someone I live with or work with.


And yes there is a big difference between the two, though not always perceived by the untrained self.


One causes Life, the other diminishes Life.


One generates joy, the other mediocrity.


One abides in peace, the other in restlessness.


And so very often these differences are experienced in subtle ways day after day after day….slowly ebbing away our health and emotional well-being, leaving us constricted and tense, when so much more LIFE is available to us.



The fabulous news is that we are the ones with the power to choose.  We are the glorious ones with the capacity to create whatever we want.  We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.


We have what we have because we’ve agreed to it.  At some level we’ve agreed, whether we know it or not.


So if you want something else then begin today by asking, “In or out?”


It’s this simple awareness and response that can yield for you bountiful results and manifestations!


For when we CREATE from within, from our hearts, we are thinking and feeling from Abundance, from Love, and from Wisdom.


When we allow the “outside” to influence our creations, most often we are unconsciously creating the things we “don’t want”…..the things that yield more stress and more lack.


One is a power-full RESPONSE


The other is a power-less REACTION.


One breathes, the other constricts.


Become seasoned at check-ins….taking moments here and there to pause and listen to how your body is feeling.  Is it settled?  Is there a spaciousness to your being?  Or is your body tight and your being feels contracted?


It can happen in a moment.  And it’s all just fine….however it goes down.  This is what we are here for, to learn, to grow, to choose, and to experience freedom.


So play with this…..have fun with it.  Don’t be hard on yourself about anything.


I’m finding great relief in this practice because I’m coming to discern so much more readily the “in” or “out”.  And I’m seeing how simple, really, that it is to put my attention on my heart center, breathe deeply and slowly, and wait for what’s next.


Wait for an answer, wait for a next step, or just receive the peace and assurance that presents FOR me.


It helps to focus on the feeling of words like Expansive, Open, Safe, Free, and Light.


The time is coming when we will ride the big waves….so let’s enjoy learning to master the ones before.


Be patient with and very kind to yourself.


I’d love to hear how this goes for you, so feel free to drop me an email or post in the comments!


BIG love,





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