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Have you seen in the news about the young boy who went on stage during Pope Francis’s speech last Saturday?


The Pope was addressing a huge crowd about the importance of family when this young boy came up on stage and hung around for awhile.  He hugged the Pope’s legs while he spoke and even sat in the Pope’s chair for a bit.


I love this boys courage.


I love his undaunted stand.


I love the gift that he was to that whole crowd….and to me.


And I love the Pope’s reception of him.  I love that neither of them quite cared what everyone thought was proper or “right”.


This is a beautiful picture to me of how I’m out to live…..


  1. The Pope:  open, loving, accepting, allowing, adoring, receptive, willing.
  2. The Boy:  courageous, ready, taking action, blind to status quo, setting his own boundaries, leading the way.


I’m here to encourage and embrace the NEW.


I’m here to dismantle old outdated mechanisms of culture, crowd and limitation.


And I’m here to encourage everyone to do the same.



I’m daily looking for the places in my life and world where I can BE undaunted and thus usher in the NEW.


New leadership.

New laws perhaps.

New discoveries.

New intimacies.

New health.

New pathways of freedom.

New perspectives.


Aren’t you tired of what’s been in place for so long?


Aren’t you bored with it?


We are ALL on the journey of this awakening I referenced last week.  We can’t help it….it’s already in motion and happening whether we say yes or not.  And it’s the most magical thing you’ve ever experienced.


I encourage you to make a daily practice of saying YES to your life.  Say YES to the Source that loves you.


And align with a willingness that requires courage.  The courage to trust in the Divine.  And the courage to say goodbye to everything old and outdated in your life.


One way or another these things will eventually go, for they cannot stand in the presence of the Light that is upon us and coming.  They can go now or they can go later after most likely costing you more heartache, more frustration and more energy.


I’ve learned that YES is the best word!!  It’s the safest word.  It’s the most liberating word.


When I hang on and resist, I always come back later wishing I had let go sooner.


There isn’t a right and wrong way to go about this by the way.  We are all doing our best.

There is an easier way however.


The way of surrender.

The way of undaunted yes.

The way of willing to be different.

The way of being true to self.


Like the Pope and the little boy, let’s represent a new way of living that stands up to pointless rules and fences, and let’s be the gateways and way makers to an exceptional way of life!


It’s already happening, all around you…so jump into the flow of evolution today!


In deep gratitude,




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