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It seems everywhere I turn these days I keep reading about this being the time to “let go”. That as we head into 2012 it would serve us well to learn the practice of letting go.  Not that letting go is a new concept at all…it’s been around forever.  And, perhaps the reason this message is ringing so loudly and clearly today is because up until now we haven’t done a great job of living this out!


Just look around you.  Look at all the illnesses related to stress…or should I say related to how people “hold” stressful experiences.  Look at how much energy and money is spent on therapy and healing and self-help.  I myself am involved in the work of transformation…supporting others to create the new in their lives.  We all want new abundant ways of being and living don’t we?


It seems to me that at the core of abundant living is the willingness to hold loosely to what matters to us.  To hold with open hands the people and things we love and to let go of that which isn’t serving us in exchange for something that will.  So often the willingness to forgive and to let go of an offense is the key to healing, the key to peace returning, and the key to a new day.


I was talking with a friend yesterday on the phone and we were sharing how “different” our Christmases were….not bad at all, just different.  Just not like the past.


And then we talked about other areas of our lives too that are different.  I have this sense that I am going to be saying that a lot in 2012, and that for me to be able to live joyfully and peacefully in the midst of shifts, changes and differences, I need to continue to cultivate the ancient and sacred art of letting go.


I think it’s fascinating how much unrest we create for ourselves by holding onto how we think things should be.  How we think relationships should be, how we think people should treat us, and how we think our lives should be going.


We hold onto “should” conversations like they are gods.  We idolize our images of how we think we should look, how we think others should act and even how we think God should show up.


I am learning to let go radically.


I’m committed to be a radical letting go-er.


Whether I hold tightly onto love or whether I hold tightly onto what is perceived as rejection I get myself into emotional trouble.  I set myself up for disappointment, and then I usually get to be right about how something didn’t turn out or how someone didn’t show up.


What if I just held lightly from the beginning and enjoyed what was present in each moment?


I’ll share with you one key thing I am especially up for letting go of in 2012: judgments.


I have come to believe that when I judge another, even if only briefly, that I am affecting the very cells of my body with dis-ease, because my belief is that we weren’t created to make judgments about others.  Discernment yes, but not judgment as we think of it and experience it.


Judgments are deceptive.  I am realizing just how much so.  I am realizing how easy it is for me to mask my judgments by calling them “opinions” or “concerns” or “perspectives”.  I can be really good at sharing them with others even and making them sound quite wise and discerning.


Now please hear me……I am NOT judging myself for judging.  That would be crazy uh?  I am not beating myself up.  Quite the contrary!!  I am calling myself up into a glorious and lovely place, into a place I was always meant to reside.  I am focusing my intentions on being a woman of Love, acceptance, peace, forgiveness, and neutrality.


When I choose judgment it’s like I am saying to the Universe, “I am not interested in peace or wisdom or forgiveness.  I am more interested in the feeling my ego gets from judging another as less than myself.”


I was pondering all this the other day when I passed a van on the street that had these words written all across the side of it:




This is one of the declarations written across the side of my heart for 2012:  No Judgment Zone


I know that opportunities to judge are all around me, and I am committed to a greater awareness such that when I head down that path I recognize it quickly and can pick up Love instead.


I am willing to have my perceptions shifted by God’s Love.


I can choose to perceive the innocence of the other.


Recently I saw this woman walking down my street with her dog and I heard my inner voice start to judge her as being strange and weird.  I noticed it and made the shift to Love, to seeing her with the eyes of compassion and innocence.  It was so cool to feel the difference in my body immediately.


How much more so when we let go of a judgment we have had about another for a long time!!  Imagine the new life that can come to your body, your mind, your spirit……and to the relationship.


I’m adopting this motto for 2012:




I can’t wait to welcome in the New and usher in “what can be”.


I’ll be writing next in January 2012.  Happy New Year to you all…may you know how very loved and blessed you are!






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