Opting Out of the Rush





Enjoy the things that make you slow down.  Slow down and make things enjoyable.


I love to drink black English tea with cream….with real cream.


I have a new box of tea called British Invasion.  In fact, I’m drinking a cup right now.


I leave the bags in the box, so that every time I want tea, I need to pull open the top, then pull back this extra little flap inside the top, and take the tea bag out.  I love this little series of actions cause it slows me down.  It’s deliberate.  It’s part of the whole drinking tea thing that I love.  I slow down.  I enjoy.  I sit.  I smell and taste.  I AM.


I’m choosing more and more to slow down my actions.  Any actions.


If we are rushing through life then something is off kilter.



Life is for enjoyment.  Life is for freedom, and these occur most in the moments when the NOW can be fully appreciated.


I’m finding that when I slow down time seems to expand or the experience of timelessness prevails.


I’m off the clock so to speak.  There is a flow of experience and focus and peaceful presence that exudes throughout the day.  Doesn’t seem to matter what’s on my list….cause I’m a big list-maker…..those things that really “need” to get done just get done or they fall away as unimportant for the day.


And I’m not rushing.  I’m being.  I’m drinking tea slowly.  I’m savoring with all the senses.


Try something this week.  Literally move slower in your tasks.  Start there.  Move your body more slowly.  And take moments to just pause, for no reason at all.  Just pause whenever you remember to.  Pause, take a breath, come to center.


I imagine if we all did these simple things heart disease would greatly reduce in our country.


And just so you know, I used to move so fast through life.  My nickname as a child was Speedy Gonzalez….so named after a cartoon character mouse that zoomed everywhere he went.  “He was the fastest mouse in all of Mexico.”


I was the fastest girl in San Antonio!  My Christmas stocking had SPEEDY written across the top of it, no kidding!


Slowing down is a learned practice for me……and I’m loving it.


Be at peace.


Be at peace in your world, in your heart.


Don’t let anyone rush you.  Don’t let anyone drive you.  Be your magnificent self!


With great love,




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