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I spent a fun few hours last evening with dear friends.  At a beautiful wine garden here in Austin called Opa’s.  We laughed, shared stories, and encouraged one another.  It was good for my soul.


Then I came home and watched the most ridiculous movie with my sons called Joe Dirt.  Ever seen it?


Can’t say I recommend it for everyone, and yet I was fascinated and touched by it.


I was already thinking about Openness before even watching this movie.  I was thinking about Openness when I was waiting for my friends to arrive at Opa’s.


I was thinking about how Openness is such a beautiful thing.  Openness is freedom.  Pure and lovely freedom.


Openness to accept others no matter how different from us they are.  Openness to learn from others even if initially we are challenged by something way outside our box.

And there is another kind of openness that I want to touch on briefly here.


It is the Openness to share our lives with others.  To share our stories and our journeys.  Honestly and authentically.  It’s having the boldness to give to others in the telling of what is up for us, or what has occurred with us.


Did you notice I said “give to others”?  I think people really want to be in the marrow of life with others, and sometimes it takes a person with courage to initiate that experience.


This can look many different ways.  It might take 5 minutes or 5 hours.  It’s just being real with no walls….open, free, clear, and bright.  I think it has more to do with our hearts and attitudes than our words even.  The willingness to be known.


I am so grateful for all the people that have been open with me.  I have learned from them.  I have had opportunities to love, to listen and to encourage.  I have had opportunities to lay down judgment and extend acceptance.  It’s taught me how we are all in this journey together, and how much value there is in being together in our Oneness.


Authenticity breeds transformation.  Without it, life is boring, stagnant and way less free.  We might not always realize this because we’ve become so accustomed to guarding and hiding and pretending.


Imagine a world of open people.  Imagine a business meeting with openness and transparency.  Imagine children and parents sharing in the light, no hiding, no fear, no masks.  Accepting one another freely.  Learning from one another in a spirit of humility.


My kids and I were talking the other day about the 100th monkey principle.  If you don’t know what that is, Google it.  When enough people on this earth learn how to live heart-centered it will impact the multitudes.  Love and Openness and the power to bring peace will spread across the planet.


It just takes one of us.  One at a time.  Choosing Openness.  Choosing to live openly, choosing to take down walls of fear, and choosing to give to others through authentic living.


Where can you be open today?  With whom?  How can you openly listen?  Openly share?


Don’t do it for certain results, just do it because it’s a powerful thing to do… BE.


Your reward will come from knowing that you walked a high road today.  That you walked in the footsteps of heroes before you that chose to be transparent and real.


Enjoy the process of openness.  Enjoy the robust freedom that comes from living in the Light.  Experience the exhilaration of innocence!


Be open 24/7 and watch the miracles in your life and with others.  You are a gift!!


Treat yourself gently this week,










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