Now That’s Light!



Okay, so if you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I “must” write a blog entry that has something to do with American Idol inspiration.  🙂


So here goes!


I was watching the show last week, and some of the performances were SPECtacular!  The judges and audience were giving standing ovations and lauding the young rising stars with their praise and admiration.


These young people come week after week and pour their hearts out on that stage.  They each are finding their way in how to let their gift shine and how to let go of constraints that would block the flow of the whole package of SHINE.


As I watched one particular girl perform–watched her smiling and out of breath at the close of her performance–I felt tears coming to my eyes, and I said to myself, “NOW THAT IS LIGHT!”  It struck me how much light was coming from her because she was completely loving what she was doing!  And I think also because she was expressing her gift through risk–living on the edge of the unknown, all in.


And what was really cool to observe was how this Light spilled over onto others….onto the audience, the judges, the movie and rock stars that came to watch, and the millions around the world watching on TV.


Simple young people just doing their thing.  Ordinary dreamers choosing to believe they are extraordinary.  The human soul reaching higher and further in self-expression.


Imagine having that kind of impact.  Umm….I wonder if we actually do have that kind of impact every time we do what we love to do and we do it all in.  Or when we choose to be true to ourselves even when it’s uncomfortable.  Or when we are willing to follow the truth of the unknown path rather than take the mediocre comfortable path.


You’ve probably all heard the expression “Let your Light so shine.”  I believe it’s time for all of us to SHINE brilliantly like perhaps never before.  To allow ourselves the glory of living as we really want to.  To make choices for freedom and self-care in the presence of current relationships that seem to whisper, “please me, please me.”


Who are you?

What makes you come alive?

What freedom do you need to claim?

What expression of yourself gives you great joy?


You ARE on the great stage of life.   You do have an audience……the citizens of earth, the inhabitants of nature, and the great angelic hosts.  All are waiting for you to step out in participation,  to give wings to your biggest Shine, and to spill Light in wave upon wave over all of creation.


There is no grade.  No judging.  No right or wrong.  No comparison among us.  Just an invitation to live….to really live your truth and your exquisite passion.


What a radically happy thought!  One that I am wholeheartedly embracing today.  I don’t need assurance.  I don’t need a guarantee.  I don’t need game rules.  I am trusting the Great Big Loving Source to provide everything I need for this stage of the game.


I’m showing up.  All in.  Eager. Open. Willing. Ready to play.


Will you join me?


And all will say of us, “NOW THAT’S LIGHT!”







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