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To continue in what seems to be the dismantling of paradigms lately, I’ll take us on a brief journey today into the world of loss. More like into the world of perceived loss.  If you’ve been reading my blog very long, you will know that I like to create a space for inquiry.  I like to give enough information for you to then continue the consideration on your own and see how it applies in your own life.


I want to take a look today at loss and how we relate to loss and whether loss is really real or not.


The presupposition is that loss is a meaning we choose to give.  Like anything, our perceptions determine our experience, our reality.  In the last year or so I have begun to dismantle the concept of loss, the belief IN loss, and I’ve been living as if loss was not a viable possibility.


Now, of course we can talk about loss all day long and we can all recite loss after loss in our lives.  It seems real.  We’ve experienced it.  We know it all too well.  We know the pain of it.  For some of us loss has defined our lives.


Everything from the loss of a piece of jewelry to the loss of a relationship to the loss of a loved one in death to the loss of a house in a tornado or flood or fire.


What goes along with the previous presupposition is the presupposition that we don’t own anything.


The concept of ownership, I am finding, sets me up time and again for pain and suffering.  When I stand in the place of ownership, then yes loss is an applicable possibility.


But if I don’t own, then I can’t lose.


Why would I want to own?  Can I not just enjoy what is present for me to enjoy and experience without resorting to the place of “needing” to have something.  I am complete.  God has made me so.  I need nothing.  I certainly don’t need to hold something or someone in my life as if I own it.


I’m even looking at subtle forms of speech like, “my son”, “my friend”, and “my car”.  Not that I am going to wipe all those my’s away, but I am paying attention to how I choose to hold those dear, precious and valuable things in my life.


Of course I can use the word my, and I will, and perhaps it’s a wonderful indicator for me to consider how much ownership I think I have over those things or people.  And it’s a wonderful exercise to remove “my” and say “the” just to see how it changes the perception of me, my, and mine.


Everything in my life, including my kids, is a gift for me to presence Love with.  And love has no conditions.  Love is eternal.  Love holds not.  Love is free. Love holds openly.  Love is present right now only.


All of those things that I once held attachment to I’m learning to surrender to God.  And surrender boldly.  My father passed away in September.  I know I didn’t lose him.  I was given 46 years of opportunities with him.  And I’m coming to see just how temporary everything is but Love.


The minute we are conceived in this physicality we begin the journey of temporary, in the physical sense.  So I live 2 minutes, 5 years, 32 years, or 89 years, it was all just a gift anyway.  No guarantees.  My true self will never pass away and is forever alive.  We are Love, forever. My father is still very much with me.


And so it goes with relationships we think will always be in our lives, or with jobs, pets, and possessions we love and cherish.


I think if we could really understand that the gift of living is right now we might have an easier time with change.   And the things in our lives that we think will most cause us grief if they are to go away…….. if they hold Love…. they will be forever, though not in this mortal plane perhaps.


If you love someone and they leave, that love will remain always.  You are joined with them forever.


And the reason things and people don’t remain with us in this world is to show us once again how God-filled we really are.  And that we are here to become Love, to allow the God Light to shine through all of us.  To be transformed. To live wholehearted joyful lives.


Every so called loss in my life has illuminated how Good the Universe is.  And the longer we hold to loss the longer it takes us to realize this.  The more we live in gratitude and surrender, truly the easier the transitions become.


We are Divine beings in a very brief human experience.  Lift your eyes today and see the Light of Life shining on you.  You don’t need to have or own anything—all is well just as it is.  Perfect.  Holy.  Complete.




ps.  I know I hit a big topic this week!  Remember I’m just throwing this out as a consideration.  Feel free to write your thoughts and comments!



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