No Shortage of High Fives



Have you seen any of the indoor team volleyball in the Olympics?


It’s one of the best examples I can think of of living one moment at a time.  I know I refer to this concept often throughout this blog, and it’s because to live this way takes  a lot of practice, a lot of focus, and a lot of reminding.  🙂


And if we will give ourselves to this practice and focus, we will live an exultant life.  We will ascend to levels of peace and well-being that others only dream of—just from living in the present moment as fully as we can.


When we live consciously, aware, and present, we choose wisely, we choose deliberately and we choose calmly.


Let’s go back to the volleyball for a moment.  When you watch these team matches, it’s very clear that they are only playing for the current point.  They aren’t thinking about the next point or the last point, they are focused solely and intently on winning just this one point…..because it’s all they have.


They huddle and gather between points, re-focusing, cheering one another on, patting some butts, and getting into position.  Then they play one point.  Just one point.  During those points there are no other points, no others foci, not the past or the future.  It’s powerful to watch.


And then they take time outs when needed.  They get water, they talk, they create new strategy where called for, they evaluate resource, and they encourage each other AGAIN!


There is so much camaraderie on those courts.  Makes me think of our own lives and how we can encourage one another daily.  How we can call each other out of distraction when we have lost focus by dwelling on the past or the future that we cannot control.


When we get caught up in drama and making judgments of others it’s impossible to live in the moment.  You see, the moment consists purely of love and acceptance.  Anything other than this is an illusion of the moment.  The moment is God.  The present is Spirit.  I really believe that if we are in fear or anger or anything other than joy, we are not living in the present.


Something then has taken us captive—either the past or the future, because that is the only place fear can dwell.


This excites me.  It beckons me.  It helps me in my intention to live other than the world lives so often.  It assists me in my practice of the evolution of my soul.  This message is like a bright light calling me into my greatness and the greatness of this Universe in which I live.


We really are meant to live “higher” than the drama and circumstances of our everyday world.  I believe we are wired for well-being.  We are led from the smallest of particles deep within our cells to thrive, to bond and to create MOMENT BY MOMENT.


I know we don’t have a physical team around us each moment, like on the courts of the Olympics, but we DO have a team around us that is even more able to cheer us on.  We are one player on the powerful team of all goodness that exists.  We are surrounded by angels and beings that supply guidance and love.  There is no shortage of hi fives and “Nice job!” in God’s Universe.


Take five minutes and wherever you are, just allow yourself to be right here, right now.  Heighten your senses and let them explore the MOMENT you are in.  Believe the moment is about purity and well-being and expansion, and just feel what that feels like.  Feel the lightness and promise that comes embedded in each present moment.


All is well.  You are loved.


Enjoy learning this week,


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