No Meaning, Are You Kidding?

So I was on the phone yesterday with a coaching client of mine.  She was describing some of her circumstances to me.  To her they felt overwhelming and confusing, and she was really struggling with so many variables of her life.  There were tears and the conversation of “what in the world is going on with me?”.

As we talked I had such an epiphany about her situation, and I got so excited about the possibilities for her.  Boy did I start going, describing almost an exact opposite perspective, one full of hope and excitement and opportunity for what she really wanted.

My voice rose and I just about jumped off my couch with emotion!!  It was so clear to me that she was choosing one interpretation of her circumstances and that a totally different one was available, one full of incredible promise and even more than that, fullfillment of her vision!  Wahoo!!

And literally all it would take to move from one to another was a choice.  And perhaps an ongoing self-reminder at times along the way…….but a choice no less.

Have you ever felt anxious about something and then decided to re-label the anxiety “excitement”?  I did this recently, and that one decision completely changed my outlook and how my physical body felt.  It was amazing.

You see, each one of us decides the meaning we give to everything.  Did you know that there is no intrinsic meaning to anything?  I mean… anything.  Think about it for a moment. From the time we are little we assign meaning to events, actions, thoughts…..that’s “good”, that’s “bad”, that “sucks”, that means “he doesn’t like me”, and on and on we go. And so we grow up and we unconsciously just keep assigning those meanings, when in reality, there is no inherent meaning.

When I first realized this I just about flipped out because it was sooooooo revealing to me.  My first thought, after getting over the shock of how true this was, was to think about how much power I have to live , to choose, to thrive, to forgive, to decide, to heal, to grow, to love!

There is more to this topic than space for today, so tune in to my next newsletter for the rest.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this:

Begin to look around you and notice the meanings you are giving to things. To relationships, to the action of another, to something someone said, to something you witnessed happen.  And then just recognize that that is YOUR meaning, not necessarily THE meaning.  Consider what that one shift can open up for you.

Have fun, explore, and I’ll see ya next time!



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