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Namaste is an ancient Sanskrit greeting which basically means, “I honor the place in you of light, of love, of truth, and of peace.”  Or another version which I love as well, “The Divine in me honors and recognizes the Divine in you.”


Imagine for a moment if we greeted everyone with this perspective and posture.  What if we actually paused long enough to look at another when we came into their presence and acknowledge their light?


We move through life so quickly.  And even when we choose to go more slowly, our patterning is geared to go from one thing to another, and we can easily miss the sacred in the simple.


I went on a walk with my 16 year old.  We talked about life and living as our best selves.  It was simple.  It was sacred.


I sat with my dog today and stroked him and talked with him.  It was holy.


I texted with a friend and laughed and smiled.  Delightful.


I went with my other son to look at a potential house for us.  Lovely.  Free.


I lit a candle in my living room and enjoyed the fragrance.


I watered the plants on my front porch, taking in their color and vividness.


I watched my son create a crazy contraption to keep himself cool at night.


I laughed my head off playing online karaoke with the boys.


And yes, all Divine and sacred experiences.


The marrow of life.


Perhaps those things are the most important things?


When I’m willing to appreciate and accept all moments as pregnant with richness and robustness, then I’ve just converted them from ordinary to beautiful, from normal to blissful.


It really doesn’t take much.  Just takes my sight being adjusted and re-trained.


Just takes a little willingness to be a Converter.  🙂


A little willingness to slow down and remember — remember what you are here for and remember the Divinity in all things.


There is a great Abraham Lincoln quote that I love:  “It’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”


Oh may we allow the Sacred to reach into our lives and lure us away from all those things that run us….opinions, schedules, needs, to-do’s, self-protection, etc.


I heard this at a conference on Sunday, and it went in fast and deep:  “I did not come to support mediocrity.  I came to experience freedom at every level of my being and to live joyfully ever after.”


For me, this happens when I go “timeless”, when I step out of the program and live it up right here right now.  If we know and expect that Bliss is around every corner, then we’ll look for it as we would for a lover, and we’ll see what many others around us cannot yet see.


Namaste—I see you.  I see your Light and it illuminates my own.







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