Mud Pie Deep




Yes, I do write a lot about Love.


I’ve been on a Love quest for a long time now…and what a quest it’s been.


I like to go deep into Love….like when I was a kid making mud pies.  Remember that Mom?


I like to get mud everywhere…..not just up to my elbows, but on my cheeks, in my hair, and splashing out onto those around me.


It’s a great exploration for me, and one I’m learning to truly play in.


“Search into, meditate on love, experiment.  Love is the greatest experiment in life, and those who live without experimenting with love energy will never know what life is.  They will only remain on the surface without going into the depth of it.”  Osho


Yes, this quest has brought its fair share of heartache, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And the heartache has come mainly when I’ve fallen out of Real Love and into “ordinary” Love…..expectations, demands, and obligations.


You see, Real Love knows nothing of demand, only the joy of giving.


Real Love expresses itself with grace and without attachment.


Real Love does not fulfill the ego demands of another because it serves Love and not the lover.


Real Love begins with loving yourself.


This place of self-love is the seedbed for all other Love.  Sadly we’ve been made afraid of being in love with ourselves.  We’ve been told it’s wrong or sinful or we’ll get a big ego.




It’s just the opposite.


It’s only when we love ourselves that we are nourished to authentically love others.  It’s when we know the bliss of self-love that we are able to really SEE another as the Divine being that they are and we are finally free to love with no need of return.


And here’s where it gets really good.  As we come to love ourselves wholeheartedly, we become so enriched and blissed out that love begins to overflow to others.  It reaches out….it must, because it’s busting to reach out.


This self-love reveals so much elation that we can’t wait to start sharing this “out there”….with a person, a flower, an animal….it just doesn’t matter….it all becomes dizzying with delight.


When two people who love themselves like this come together……well, there is simply magic.  There is shared bliss, shared joy, and shared intimacy.  When two come together with no duty, no obligation and no expectation, fully loving themselves, knowing they are well and complete, then the shared experience of Love is ecstasy.


So there’s no shortage here… denial, no sacrifice.  Real begets Real.  Boom.


Now lest you think I’m over the top here, just try it out.  It takes practice because we’ve been so conditioned by society to condemn ourselves and be hard on ourselves……we dare not become narcissistic!  No no!


Spend time appreciating things you love about yourself.  Speak out loud to yourself if you want to.  Give appreciation like you would to someone you care deeply about.  And then receive it.  Take it all the way in.  Believe it.


Praise yourself.  Compliment yourself.  Whistle at your own hotness.  🙂


How do you look at someone you love?  Look at yourself that way.


How do you touch someone you love?  Touch yourself that way.


What feelings do you have for someone you love?  Feel that way about yourself.


Sing love songs to yourself.  I’m not kidding!


You will actually find that as the ego diminishes you’ll feel an increased purity of goodness in your love towards others.


“Love is such a light that the darkness of the ego cannot exist in it at all.  If you love others, if your love is focused on others, you will live in darkness.  Turn your light toward yourself first, become a light unto yourself first.  Let the light dispel your inner darkness, your inner weakness.  Let love make you a tremendous power, a spiritual force.  


And once your soul is powerful, you know you are not going to die, you are immortal, you are eternal.  love gives you the first insight into eternity.  Love is the only experience that transcends time—-that’s why lovers are not afraid of death.  Love knows no death.  A single moment of love is more than a whole eternity.  


But love has to begin from the very beginning.  Love has to start with this first step: Love Yourself.”   Love, Freedom, Aloneness


May we all live in the profound Light of self-love.


I’ll be on vacation next week and taking a week off from blogging. Heading to the Ozarks of Arkansas with a dear friend, so don’t you know I’ll have good blogging fodder to come!


Mud pie deep,


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