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Okay so we all want to evolve right?


We want to move on from the places and things that are not for our highest good.


We want to leave behind old “programming” that keeps us going around the same mountain.


We want to reach and stretch and live the most joyous lives we can.


One of the first steps in realizing this evolution is a very simple one.  So simple in fact I bet we often overlook it and then wonder why we still feel stuck.



Appreciating where we are right now is key to moving on.  Let me say that again.  When we choose to appreciate ourselves exactly how we are right now, even if we don’t prefer the results in our lives, we pave the way for the provision that propels us ahead.


It’s far too easy to be hard on ourselves, to judge ourselves, and to condemn the thoughts we hold and the actions we take, especially when we really want to be living in a different state.


But this will never support the maturity we long for.


The energy we give in this place of self-criticism only serves to draw more attention to that which we don’t want.


Now it’s a very different thing to notice yourself…to step back and observe the way you’re being, and then, without judgment, to let that be what it is.  To breathe through it, to recognize you have choices, and then to put your attention on the state of being you desire.


There is never a reason, in my book, to be hard on yourself.  It serves nothing and no one.


And yet this is ingrained in us from a culture that says, “More more, you’ve got to do more, produce more, work harder, be all you can be, rise to the top, achieve, excel, go go go, be the top in your class, find the right mate, be the best parent, do this, do that……”


You can get off the hamster wheel anytime you want and learn a new way of being you.  Not dependent on what others think about you, not based on how you’ve been trained, but arising from an authentic self-worth that declares your inherent value, goodness and divinity.


I propose a new strategy.


Every time you notice something you do or say or think that feels “old” and out of alignment with who you are and where you are heading, choose to smile and get all excited.  I’m for real.  Choose to appreciate yourself and the place you are in.  Choose to KNOW that you are on an evolving pathway and exclaim,  “Oh look, here’s another gorgeous opportunity to learn, to connect with Source, and to accept my process.”


Cause here’s the thing…..until we learn to do the above, we truly will not be able to see and experience the incredible joy awaiting us every day of our lives.


The possibility is upon us for a magical mystical journey.  I know that.


And think about it, aren’t we always in some experience on our way to another experience?  Aren’t we always someplace on our way to another place?  It’s not like we are going to arrive anywhere and stay there.


Remember, we are unlearning and unmemorizing “stuff” from generations before us.  Be kind to yourself.  Take a deep breath and rest in the knowing that you are doing just fine.


If things feel difficult, it’s because you are holding a lower vibrational perspective.


Come up into the higher place of knowing that it’s these exact processes of transformation that are the treasures of your life.  These times are rich for remembering who you really are.


And please know that you are surrounded by helpers.  You can call upon angels, upon Spirit, and upon those who have gone before you, and great clarity and assistance will come.


I’m so grateful for each of you….your eagerness for life stirs me to upgrade my beliefs about what is possible.  Thank you!


I’m away on vacation next week, so I’ll see you back on May 30.


BIG love,






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