More Than Meets the Eye




So what if things aren’t really the way they seem?


Isn’t what we see with our physical eyes just an interpretation?


What if familial illness is just a conversation, something we can change?


What if?


I’m questioning everything.  I’m learning to wonder safely.  What do I mean by safely?


I believe questioning is safe.  It’s when we are unwilling to question that we are most at risk.  I’m starting to see how we create false security in those things we position ourselves so strongly for.


The walls we erect to keep out new and perhaps uncomfortable thoughts might feel safe to us, but what if in actuality they are anything but safe.  What if these illusory walls are creating a world bound by rigidity, fear, stagnation, playing small and selling short?


What if?


Today I was behind someone in traffic and as far as I could see this person was stopped at a green light for no reason.  I was behind him waiting to turn right and I started to feel a bit frustrated when he wasn’t going.  I knew his car was on and running, and yet there was no plausible reason for him not to be going.


I almost honked, but I waited.  Well, lo and behold there was a guy on a bicycle trying to cross the street and was having a difficult time because of all the other traffic.  The person in front of me was stopped hoping to create a space for him to cross.


But you see….I couldn’t see.


What I saw was not what he saw.


What I thought was not what he thought.


My frustration was based on my interpretation of events.


How much does this occur in relationships in our lives?  In our workplaces?


I’m starting to see when I’m just open and allowing, when I’m at peace and at rest, I have so much more patience for the process of questioning.  For the process of being flexible and seeing other perspectives.


And it’s in this place I feel exhilarated and fulfilled!  The place of judgment, assumption, and being right just doesn’t cut it.  Once you’ve stepped into the beautiful place of being curious with love, then to choose ego and any form of attack on another just hurts inside, makes you feel sick.


And here, all along, has been this out of the box possibility for taking off our normal glasses and being willing to see the viewpoint of another.  All along has been this entire universe chocked full of new science, new faith, new adventure, new relationship……if only we will venture past the walls of false security into the place of true freedom.


I’m talking about being like a child.  Trusting God.  Laying down the idols of being right and looking good.  Grabbing your telescope and viewing new stars.


It’s starts with being willing to have the scales taken off your eyes.  Being willing to admit your perspective is just one of many.  Being willing to really gaze at another and see their higher self.


Being willing to risk the old for the life of the new.


Life loves you.


Life is waiting for you in every blade of grass, every smile of a stranger, every cup of tea, and every moment we actually look up and really want to see.


Be daring, be different, be impractical, be anything

that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative

vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of

the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary!

                                     Sir Cecil Beaton


Thankful for you,






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