March Un-Madness





As some of you might know it’s the time of the NCAA College tournaments, called March Madness.  Something about that title reminds me of what I don’t want in my life…..madness, craziness, drama, hecticness, and busy-ness.


As we are winding down March and heading into a new month, I thought we could look at what our experience of life has been this month and perhaps set ourselves up to experience something new in April.


Now perhaps you have had a wonderful month of March—I sure have!  And I would not say it’s been madness at all, and yet still there is a greater deeper experience I am beholding for April.


I just returned from a week long ski trip with my two teenage sons.  If any of you saw my Facebook status you would know it was heavenly!  We got there right in the middle of loads of fresh powder so the skiing was supreme.


The name of our resort was Solitude, and that name turned out to so characterize our whole trip.



Solitude is the best kept secret I guess, nestled in the mountains of Utah…this quiet small village where hardly anyone was, so no lift lines and no crowded warming huts.  Just fun healthy avid skiers looking for a great time.


My boys slept til mid-morning every day so I would rise early and have about three hours to myself.  From our 4th floor balcony we had an incredible view of the mountain and slopes.  Our condo was situated at the base of the mountain, so I had a great view from the sofa I sat on each morning sitting quietly in front of the fire.  It was idyllic.


So there I was, all those hours every day, being quiet, being still, thinking, praying, and reading.  No agenda, nothing to accomplish, nothing to do particularly, just space to be.  And as much as I loved it, I was also restless in it at times.


I realized how used to having a list and checking it off I am.  And it was so rich for me to still myself that much for that long.  And truly not to think about “what’s next”.


I found a new connection to my center.  To that place of deep stillness.  And in that, also, a tremendous bond with nature.  The mountain became my best friend and my lover.  The mountain displayed Goodness to me all day and all night.  The mountain provided a stability and solidness to my very being.


It was always right there calling me to trust, to believe, to know, and to love.  For I realized that the mountain is always stable.  It’s immovable.  It doesn’t get tossed to and fro, it doesn’t get anxious about anything.  Storms can come and go and it’s still the same—majestic and centered.


This is who I am and am becoming.  I am solid and stable, like the mountain.


I am free, like the mountain.


I am centered in Source, like the mountain.


I am love, like the mountain.


I choose to live in majesty, no matter what comes and goes in my life and no  matter who comes and goes in my life.   I choose to awaken day after day presenting myself to the world as a mountain of love, presenting myself as one living moment by moment, appreciating kindness and compassion.


Life is right here right now.  It’s never “later”.


If you have created a life of madness, then uncreate that and have what you really want.  I realize it might take some time to make the shifts, but it’s very possible.


Who or what is running your life?


Perhaps you’ve come to rely on the madness, perhaps it’s become your safety.  That’s a whole other blog topic, but for now, why not take some time today to be still and examine what you are actualizing in your life.


I highly recommend the affirmation:  I am stable and solid , like the mountain.


Go deep with it, get it inside of you, feel it all the way to the core.  Feel the majesty of the solidity.  Feel the Grace of the stability.


This is God in you.  This is who you are.


Let’s have April be a month of enjoying all the moments.  A time of blissful centeredness.  May Spring burst up all around us, inside and out!


If you are into college basketball, then by all means enjoy the March Madness.  And as for the game of YOUR life, be still and know…have fun…fall in love…..solid, stable, un-madness.


Much love,


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