Making Things Right



Have you ever heard of the Ho’oponopono prayer?


This ancient Hawaiian prayer goes like this:


I am sorry.


Please forgive me.


I love you.


Thank you.


Just reading those words inspires me to center myself into peace and rest and return my spirit to what really matters.


I won’t go into the whole philosophy behind Ho’oponopono in this blog post. There is a very thorough process and philosophy of healing and transformation associated with Ho’oponopono if you want to learn more.  Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian art of problem solving, aligning with your source of existence, and making things right.


I am choosing to apply the most simplistic understanding I have of this today in order to share with you something I believe is really powerful.  I am very aware that the foundations behind this process are deep and profound, and it’s my desire to honor these ancient foundations without minimizing them in any way.  So please know I am using this prayer in a way that speaks to me and not necessarily in it’s most original and full form.


A very important component to this process is taking responsibility.  Taking responsibility for your life, what is occurring for you, and in your relationships.  Taking responsibility for your attitudes, beliefs, and choices.  It’s about living blame free, especially in those places blame seems most appropriate.  And that includes not blaming yourself either.


So before you begin this simple process, take a few minutes to inquire about where you might be placing blame on yourself or another.  Choose to step outside of that and center yourself in an attitude of responsibility.  It’s okay if you don’t feel much at this point or aren’t feeling connected to this attitude….just be there.


The way I choose to use this prayer is to repeat these four phrases out loud for a few minutes at a time.  Sometimes I choose to just say them without assigning them to anything or anyone in particular.  Sometimes I speak these phrases “over” a person or a situation I am in where I have noticed myself judging or struggling in some way, in a situation that I desire to see something new in, or in a place I am having difficulty letting go and resting about.


There is something so peaceful about repeating these four phrases.  It’s like these words are central and integral to who we are.  They are foundations in our souls……who we were always meant to be, without our egos and fears getting in the way.


“I am sorry” can be words that we throw around without any real intention behind them.  And perhaps we have even been hurt by someone saying “I am sorry” when they weren’t really owning their contribution to being hurtful towards us.  I believe there can be a lot of redemption in these three words when we choose to “pray” them from a heart of love and atonement.


“I love you”….some of the most powerful words in existence.  I believe these words are always, and I mean always, circulating over and throughout our lives by our Creator.  I believe these words literally run through our blood and are tattooed on the strands of our DNA.  When we align with these words, we align with the highest form of Grace and Healing.


“Please forgive me”, I believe, cannot be overused if employed authentically.  Oh how I wish we offered these words to one another more readily than we do.  I wonder if unforgiveness isn’t at the heart of all of our illnesses?  “Please forgive me” is one of the most liberating phrases we can let roll off our tongue and through our hearts.  Let’s be the people that are humble enough to utter these words readily.


“Thank you” might just be the two most impactful words we know, forming the very center of our well-being.


The beauty of this prayer is that you don’t even need to think of anything in particular, just say the words, just be the words, and new life will come to you.


Take some time this week to participate in the Ho’oponopono prayer.  Post it on your wall or in your car to remind you.


With a few deep breathes pray these phrases:










As always, I would love to hear from you as you practice or apply from my blog…..would love to hear what is occurring for you, what you are learning or experiencing, and any thoughts you would like to share with all of us in this community.  Just leave a comment!


Let’s make things right.










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