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Fear.  God.


God.  Fear.


As I stare at these two words, God and fear, they seem like such misfits.


Remember the old Sesame Street…”One of these things is not like the other…”?


I am not sure what theology you ascribe to, but the longer I live, the more I know that these two things do not belong together.


I have always been taught that God is Love, and I believe that now more than ever.  I’ve seen it, I’ve experienced, I know it.  Many of us say God is Love, but do we really believe it to the point that we fear nothing?


Now….no worries, I realize this is a process, in fact it is THE process.  And there is an evolution we take part in to learn this that takes place throughout most if not all of our lives.  If we so choose, we will unlearn fear because Love keeps calling us higher and higher.  Love keeps unveiling the illusion we have lived in that there is anything to fear.


I used to hear the expression “the fear of God”, and I must say that today that sounds like the most ludicrous thing to me.  Now I might step on some toes here—can anyone explain to me why we would fear Love?  Ummm…..ummmm…….yep I just can’t get my head around that one.


I spent five hours on Tuesday in jury duty selection.  That was an interesting process that I quite enjoyed actually.  And I especially enjoyed it because I did not get chosen to serve.  It was not a case that I felt suited for.


The prosecuting attorney gave a short talk on the four aspects of why we give punishment to someone that breaks the law and/or commits a crime.


The four reasons are:


  1. Punishment
  2. Protect Society
  3. Deterrence
  4. Rehabilitation


They went around the room and asked us each to speak out loud the one reason we would choose for sentencing someone.  We couldn’t pick two.  This was to be our top reason.  Everyone ahead of me said Protect Society, except for one man that said Punishment.  Everyone after me said Protect Society.  I was the only person out of 50 that chose Rehabilitation.


I found it difficult to just pick one for sure.  And yet I thought about Love and what Love would choose if it could only pick one.  Now I think it is important at times to protect society, for sure.  And yet, as a concept, as a whole, I think that answer comes from eons of fear based thinking.  It comes from living in a world where we have consistently chosen to believe we are separated from God and from everyone else.


No one is to blame, nor would that help anything.  It’s simply the human plight the ego has chosen.  The matrix.  Fear.  The belief we are alone, separate.  The guilt of thinking we are bad, broken.  The shame we hold for making poor choices or hurting others.


All of these things would not exist if we knew that we were one with God and one another.  What would there be to fear if we all held this belief?  If we all believed that the Source of everything is only about Love and not punishment?


Today, will you take a minute to just step back and breathe.  Think about where fear shows up for you.  Think about where this fear has come from?  What is it about?

And what if you were to let go of this fear?  What if you were to surrender to the reality of being loved?


Like if God, Spirit, Source, Goodness, were to step in at each place of fear and just dissolve it, what would that feel like?  What difference would it make as to how you are thinking?  Feeling?  Acting?


I have a saying on my wall:  I am Loved, I am Loving, I am Lovable Forever.


I’m thinking this just about covers it.  Every need.  Every want.  Every wanting place.

At the end of the day, there is no death.  Only life, only perfection, only absolute beauty and bliss.  This is what we are in process for.  This is the reward of our souls.


Union.  Bliss. Joy.  Freedom.  Happiness.  Love.  Ecstasy.


If we allow Love to have it’s way with us….. if we will trust in Love only, we will see and experience Heaven on Earth.  And the sooner the better as far as I am concerned.  🙂


All is well friends.  Truly.  No matter what circumstances you are facing, still, the best way through, the best way to walk in wisdom and in peace, is to believe that all is well and that you are loved.


Standing for love only,









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