Let’s Get a Move On


What a powerful week in this nation of America.  Don’t know if you can feel it or not, but there is energy swirling around in the form of heightened emotion, collective thought, and anticipation from multitudes.


For me personally, things didn’t go exactly how I preferred them to go Tuesday night.  And even as the night was winding down, almost before I had a chance to feel disappointed, it’s as if Spirit said to me, “So, what are you going to do now?”

“What kind of difference will you make as both an American and global citizen?”

“How are you going to think and feel about the future of this country?”


It was quite powerful for me.  It was definitely a summoning and quite strong.  Not like there was anything wrong with wishing it had turned out differently, but Spirit was already in the future…where I can’t see yet…calling me to faith, urging me to believe, compelling me to press forward.


All of us, no matter who we voted for, get to decide how we will participate.  Now that is exciting to me!  I might not be up in Washington lobbying for a cause, or standing on the steps of the Texas Capitol (or I might be!), and yet every day I have a choice as to what difference I want to make.


Now this might all sound a little hokie to you or like a rah-rah speech, and yet I do think there is a “now” message for us in this.

And I’m thinking it begins right in the center of our hearts.  And this is for all of us, no matter what nation we live in.


What if the state of the union depends on the state of our hearts?


What if the state of our hearts is powerful enough to alter the state of the union?


Whether Democrat or Republican, Tea Party or Liberal, if we truly live for the good of all people, won’t we all win?  If we all live from the center of our hearts each day, won’t we rise above the differences and manifest the abundance, liberty, and generous solutions that we aspire to?


Now I know we need practical real answers.  I know we need exemplary leadership.  I know our nation is facing serious issues.


And I do believe that the wisdom required to shift our nation into unity and prosperity will be birthed from the energy of love, forgiveness, kindness, and compassion.  And these will also birth the genuine power necessary to make us shine again in this world.


So what does this mean for you and me?


Well, that is up to each of us to decide…how will we play the game?  How will our hearts show up each day?  What will be formed by our thoughts and feelings?  What future will be uncompromisingly stand for?


I’m choosing to believe.  I’m choosing to get behind “the cause” each day with openness.  I’m choosing to begin with my heart, listen to my truth, and live that out the best I know how.


I’m living for the whole.  In attitude, in service, in spirit.  For the One.  For the other.


I’m committed to examining my heart for anything that would be in the way of friendship, in the way of radical love, or in the way of being a contributing citizen.


After those questions from Spirit Tuesday night, I have embraced an excitement actually, a new confidence that I can make a difference just by living from my heart.


And I can spread this message and hope to see an igniting of men, women, and children living consciously, deliberately, unwilling to criticize, blame, judge and compare……men, women and children living powerfully, freely, and with great confidence in the Goodness of God for all of us.

It’s time to get a move on,






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