Let the Solution In





“When the solution is simple, God is answering.”   Albert Einstein


I’m sitting here on my couch, hot tea at hand, fingers on the keyboard…..asking what I am to write about today.


And boom, it enters.  The answer.  The topic.  The message.


Some of you today just need to know that your solution(s) are not hiding from you.  They are present in your experience.  They have entered or will enter soon into your realm of awareness.


And for many of you, this solution might be something you’ve never even imagined.  It might seem like it comes from left field or outer space.


The solution might seem outlandish or “not like you.”  You might think, “what would others think about this?”


So don’t close yourself off to “out of the ordinary”.  Stay open for all the best possible scenarios.  Stay open to the sources that your answers might come from.  Be that people or places.


Your perfect solution might show up in the most unexpected way, from the most unexpected person.  Be quick to let go of judgments surrounding anyone or anything…they or it might just hold the key to exactly what you need.


This is the age and time for the Innovators and for Innovation.



Creativity is bursting forth….both in nature and through the hands and minds of humanity.


You are creative, whether you feel like it or not.


And for those of you who know you are creative, I’m talking about new forms of creativity and thus manifestation.


So don’t sell out to any limitation or box that you have put yourself in.


We say, “the sky’s the limit.”   Well, no, actually, there is no limit.


If you want to make a declaration then make it, “I AM Limitless.”


What answer do you need?


What solutions are you hoping for?  Waiting for?  Needing?


Fear not.


Release all hesitation and striving.






Ask for wisdom and then know it is upon you.


As I always direct you….go to your heart center with your attention and let your requests be made known.


Your answers might zing in like a comet or reveal themselves first with a breadcrumb.  But no worries, you will know what to do.


We can trust Life.  We can trust ourselves.


BE at Peace this week my friends.  No matter what is going on around you, you are equipped, you are ready, and you are loved.


Stop reading or watching or listening to anything or anyone that tells you anything differently.  Stand in your strong and commanding self.


One Love,






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