Let’s Do This Thing


Lately I have had this message mulling around inside of me that basically goes something like this:


Like, really, no kidding,   TAKE     CHARGE     OF     YOUR      LIFE.

Do you realize that there isn’t anything to keep you from doing this?

Not your kids, not your family, not your past, not your weaknesses, not your failures, your limitations, your addictions, your religion, your spouse, your circumstances…….NOPE, not a one of them.

In the big scheme of life, you are the boss, the big cheese, the president, the CEO, el jefe!  God has entrusted this to you…..

So why do we resist this so much?  Why do we still argue for our limitations rather than explore what is possible?

I wonder sometimes if so much of this has to do with our past experiences.  We think we don’t know how.  We don’t know if we can.  We are afraid to miss it, to fail again, to let someone down, that we don’t have what it takes.

And I would also suggest we are afraid of our own greatness, our own power, our own strength.

Lately I have been aware of how much I let others persuade me……silently even.   I think our culture “teaches” us to follow the rules, to obey the system, to conform, to accept status quo, to not get too attached, to do the “right” thing, to buck up, to stand in a straight line, to not rock the boat.

Now I am not suggesting rebellion or mutiny or disruption for the sake of disruption.

I am suggesting coloring outside the lines.  Taking chances.  Risking for what matters to you.  Putting your heart out there again because what is the alternative?

Playing safe?  Living a mediocre life?  Letting our future be based on our past?

Dumbing yourself down? Living in black and white?

Here’s the deal.  I believe you can take charge of your life.  I believe you can take new steps and move in the direction of what you want.  You don’t have to know how you will get there, you just need to see it and keep moving in that direction.  Don’t stop.

There are so many resources within you and around you.  I guarantee you that everything you need is there.


And then tomorrow you decide that again.  And then the day after that.

Today…….You…… Are……in charge.

Just taking on that mindset will empower you to see what you couldn’t see before.

To hear what you couldn’t hear before.

I’ll say that one more time.

Choosing a responsible powerful mindset will unveil provision that perhaps you haven’t known about up until now.

Let’s do this thing!

In the dawn of a new day,




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