Land Ho!





We’ve all seem the images now…..the half submerged cruise liner that crashed on a reef in Italy a few days ago.


Perhaps your first thought was like mine, and that of my sons,  “Oh my gosh they were so close to “shore”.   Why was everyone panicking if they could swim to safety?”


Now I know there are many parts to this story.  And many ways to look at and understand the panic and terror, for sure!


And for the sake of this blog today, I want to highlight one aspect of this story and how it so reminds me of life and what we attempt to do in our coping.  So please bear with me in this analogy.  🙂


The ship struck the reef in the night hours.  Understandably the passengers were terrified of drowning, getting eaten by sharks, and not having a lifeboat in the cold waters.  When it’s dark, one can’t see the land that is so close by.


I heard from one couple that they couldn’t see the shore but eventually they could see a light flickering not too far away and it gave them hope.


I wonder how many people took the time to look up and look for the shore, for the light?  I wonder how many were just so afraid they only looked down or around themselves at the circumstances.  And the circumstances sounded pretty grim and desperate.


How many of us find ourselves in situations or relationships that seem desperate, grim, confusing, and dark?   It can be so easy to look around and just see the sinking ship, the plates flying, and the other frightened people.  But you know what?  It’s just as easy to look up and see the Light.  It’s just as easy to shift our gaze to the horizon as it is to focus on the immediate surroundings.  We’ve trained ourselves to see facts, to see what isn’t working, and to live in fear.


Why can’t we train ourselves right now to look up?  To BELIEVE that the safe ground is really right there, right within our grasp.  Why not?


So often it seems we place our faith in what we can see……and detrimentally we place our faith in the meaning we give to circumstances and in our perception of others.  In my experience this doesn’t work very well for very long.


What if, when things get dark, when parts of life are crashing down, when relationships we thought we could count on go away….what if we swim for the shore instead of being anxious and following the crowd of fear, doubt, and skepticism?


What if we choose to put our trust and faith in that which we cannot always see, but which we know is more real than our circumstances?  What if we believe that Love is out for our highest good always?  What if we trust that God is big enough to provide safe passage for us?


What if instead of scrapping for life jackets and life boats we get real still and adopt an attitude of “life has enough for me”.  What if we orient ourselves with the belief “I have” instead of “I need” or “I lack”?


I don’t know what might be dark for you today.  What places in your life might seem lost, missing, dying, or distraught.  Or perhaps it’s as simple as some place you don’t have understanding in, and you feel anxious.  What I’m talking about applies in the big and the small places.


Take a moment to raise your gaze up.  Take a moment to be still.  Take a moment to choose….to choose to believe that your solid ground is right there close by.  And if you will wait and let go of the fear,  you will find safe passage.  You will be taken by the hand and led to peace.  You will see the Light and know which way to go.


Makes me think of weary sailors on a long sea journey, when the man in the crow’s nest shouts out “LAND HO!”  What welcome words for those on a journey.  I believe the Universe is shouting that over every place you need comfort and assurance that everything is going to be okay.




Love to each of you….see you on the shore.



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