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I am sitting at my computer today, thinking about you, and thinking about what message would really be perfect for you, right now.  I have a number of things on my heart, and what is standing out at the top of all of those things, is the notion that I just want to bless you.   I want to write a message that will inspire you and quite honestly, just make you feel good.


This world has it’s fair share of difficulties, loss, hardship, and bad news.   We live in a day where we encounter a lot of potentially anxiety producing events and images.   Turn on the news or read the paper and you know what I mean.


Having said that, I do believe there is a place we can live internally that will keep us well and peaceful in the midst of outward realities.


I think one way this happens is by surrounding ourselves with loving, powerful, and abundant thoughts, images, people, stories, movies, books, prayers, etc.


So let me tell you a story about the dolphins today.


My author friend Judith just spent time in the Bahamas with dolphins and dolphin therapists.  I had no idea that dolphins were the healers that they are. She believes that dolphins are literally unconditional love.   They have an intuitive sense about what a person’s issues are and can literally bring healing to someone, emotionally and physically.


These dolphins are not trained to do this nor are particular dolphins brought in for particular clients.  People that go to experience the therapy meet first with a human therapist to discuss the issues, and then they go into the water and wait for the dolphins to come.  The individuals lie back in the water, and the dolphins come to each person as they feel intuitively led to, and they interact in various ways with the people.  They might cuddle up next to the person, or they might place their beak against the part of the body that is ill, or they might swim around the person.  They are able to discern what is wrong and use their energy to heal.


Judith wrote this:  “There are many theories about how or why dolphin-assisted therapy works—some believe they use vibrational sound healing that may alter human tissue as medicine uses sonic vibrations to break up kidney stones, affect cell membranes permeability, resonate deeply into bones and cavities. Their ultrasound is reportedly four times the ultrasonic frequency used in contemporary medical therapy.  Or perhaps it is that we are mirroring of their extraordinary brain wave-lengths.  Our being more than 75 percent fluid, and water being a magnificent conductor of energy (so much better than air) could play a part.”


Judith told me stories of people that were healed of depression and anxiety, of a man that was healed of serious vision problems,  and of a woman that had a brain injury and left the dolphin therapy clear headed and headache free for the first time in years.  Judith herself said she felt so giddy and alive after swimming with the dolphins.


Wow!  Just wow!


My point in telling you this story of the dolphins is for you to be encouraged by the wonder of God’s universe.   I want you to know that miracles do exist all around us.  That we are all connected in such mighty ways.  That you are not alone.  That you are surrounded by loving mystery and glorious creatures, and that there is so much more to the story than what you or I can see and hear.


I am learning more and more that if I will be thankful, if I will be grateful for all the goodness in my life, in all it’s various forms and packages, then I open the door for more of the miraculous each moment.


I am sure there are sources of magic and beauty surrounding us that we know nothing of, just like I didn’t know about the dolphins.


My eyes are open….and I am expecting to see afresh!


Bless you today!




For more on the Bahama dolphins:


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