Just Who is the Mother of Invention?






I saw American Hustle this week at the theaters….loved it.  Loved the character development of each main player, just fascinating to watch.  Near the end of the movie, Irving, played by Christian Bale, quoted the well-known English proverb, “Necessity is the mother of all invention.”


So, as is normal for me, I spent the next couple of minutes missing much of what was going on in the movie to ask the question, “Hmmm, is that true?  Is necessity really the mother of all invention?”


I won’t share all of my ponderings with you (aren’t ya glad?) but I will share one of my main conclusions.  Before I get to that though, did you know that Plato is really the originator of this saying?


“…let us begin and create in idea a State; and yet a true creator is necessity, which is the mother of our invention.”   The Republic, Book II, 369c, Plato


I just thought that was an interesting tidbit.


The quandary I have with this saying is that I don’t want “necessity” to be what stimulates my creativity.  I have no issue with it being an instigator some of the time, it’s just that I want to be inspired to invent and create from a space of abundance and not from a space of desperation.  I want to be more on top than that.




Necessity can cause us to feel scarce, scared, and stressed.  Necessity can dwell in an energy of anxiety and “have to” and “oh I better make this happen”.


Now I realize necessity can be approached with zeal and excitement as well, though I make up most of us tend towards the former list.


So where am I going with all this talk?


It’s this:  we are all magnificent inventors, Divine creators, filled with an inexhaustible supply of wisdom and alchemic potential.  We are boundless, timeless and priceless.


Hey, if you want the mother of your inventions to be necessity, that’s great…I just counsel you to remember who you are and to invent from the spacious place of fertility and trust, rather than from stress and should.


And I also want to open up the possibility that the desire for proactive bountiful elevated living can be this Inspiring Mother as well.


The next time you feel like you are spinning in your head, in your thoughts, trying to figure something out, suspend all that and do something creative.  Write a letter to someone, write a love letter to yourself.  Draw something.  Put on music you love and dance.  Get out a piece of paper and write down all your dreams.  Go work out.


Move that creative energy….whether you know it or not, these are moments of invention.


Creator God has no problem inspiring us…I think we just can’t hear the inspiration sometimes because we are too busy “solving problems”, re-playing the past over and over, and caught up in doing.


When we truly get into the NOW, and when we align ourselves with the upward movement of our ever transforming selves, we will connect in a greater way to that inventive part of ourselves, and we will find great joy and fun and exuberance along the way!


So yes, some necessities will come along, just remember that you are on top, not underneath.  You are champion not chained.  You are powerful not powerless.


Stay tuned—next week I’ll update you regarding some new ways I’m pursuing my passions and serving the transformational community with resources for higher living.


Until then, KNOW you are blessed!



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