Just Human?



Whenever conferring with another

-either face to face or across the miles-

always speak to the highest within them.

It makes such a difference.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our spirits.  About how we are really unlimited spirits having a temporary human experience.  About how what is highest in us is our Authentic Self, the true us, our amazing spirit.


So if this is the case, I am wondering why I get caught up in seeing others in their limitation rather than in their beauty?  What if I spent more time directing my attention to the highest in each person, no matter what I see or experience on the outside.


I like to think of my body as my human suit.  It’s marvelous, incredible, miraculous….and yet it’s housing this unlimited spirit, for just a little while, in the big scheme of things.  I have been enjoying playing in my body more lately after really considering that my body is one way I get to enjoy this human experience….my senses are extraordinary.


If we are made in God’s image, then that which is highest within us is Divine.  Our spirit.  Beautiful.  Magnificent.  Capable of so much.  Pure.  Holy.  Expansive.


My practice as of late, when I am conscious to remember, is to approach everyone I see as this Divine being.  To look past the human “suit” and to salute their authentic self.  It’s incredible to experience this.  What first occurs for me is honor and respect.  What occurs next is compassion because I am aware we are all on this journey together, all in this process of awakening together.


Some awaken more quickly than others…..and I believe we all will fully awaken eventually.


We’ve been conditioned to rein in our imaginations, to be practical.  To be serious.  To judge.  To think of ourselves as better than others, to compare, to get ahead.  This world doesn’t exactly model love and innocence to us.


AND it is out there.  I see this Divine when I look out into nature.  When I see someone smile.  When I experience helping others.  When I watch my sons playing. When I hear pretty music.  When I am willing to see the person in front of me as an unlimited spirit.


What I am finding is that the more I do this, the more I am convinced that my calling is to love all men, and the more I am convinced that I can contribute to peace on earth by acknowledging goodness and holiness in each person, the more content I am.  Not just content, but elated, euphoric even at times.


And as of late, when I allow ego to take over and judge, attack, make up stuff about the other, and compare myself to them, I feel awful.  I feel grieved.  I feel sick.


So I’ve hit this crossroads of sorts.  I can’t go back unless I numb out completely.  And the road ahead is marked with potholes…….AND….it’s also marked with the golden light of God, with great joy, and with the company of others.


Today is the day to be saved from our illusions of ourselves and this world.  Today is the day God will help us when we are willing.  Today is the day to see the highest in the other and experience peace that passes all understanding.


I am so with you, let’s inspire each other.  Would love to hear some of your stories!







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