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We live in Austin, Tx. and a beautiful “lake” runs through the middle of our city.  My boys and I often go there to kayak and paddle board, as the lake is about ten minutes from our house.  It’s really beautiful to be out on the water…nature is at it’s best….herons, turtles, ducks, swans, geese, and fish abound.


I went out paddle boarding recently by myself right at dusk.  It was breathtaking.  I thoroughly enjoyed the peace and calm, the slowness and enjoyment of the moment.


A lot of rowing takes place on this lake also—individuals and teams spend hours on the water practicing their craft.  I am always amazed when watching the groups especially—the teamwork and synchronization of movement and intent is beautiful and even breathtaking to me.


So on this particular evening, as I watched various groups row by my paddle board, I got a glimpse of something new.  It wasn’t a visual glimpse as much as an inner spirit glimpse.  Like a “heavy revy” as I like to call it—you know those moments when it’s like you get a cosmic download of understanding?


Before I share this, you need to step back and take a high altitude glance at planet earth.  Step far back and engage the whole of the human race in your gaze…..every people, every nation, every tongue.  Can you see them all?


Image that a boat, such as in the picture above, represents the entire spectrum of life on planet earth, and the individuals in the boat are all of humanity….all races, all colors, all geographic locations, all religions.  The person “coaching” the rowers is the Spirit of Life itself, the Source.  And the mission of the boat….the vision, is love and brotherhood, peace and goodwill, acceptance and kindness of each other and this amazing planet.


For you see, these boats won’t even move in one direction without each rower rowing together.  If the members begin to argue over which direction to go or who is the leader or who is the best, the boat will stall or tip over even.  There is NO beautiful movement without Oneness….it just doesn’t work.


What is perfect to me, and why I think this worth sharing, is that this revelation is the highest purpose of mankind.  If we truly stand in this vision, all of us and the earth itself will be entirely different.  Our lives will be entirely different.  There will be no poverty, no hunger, no wars, and no striving.


And what else is perfect to me is that in the same way we all are in one boat together in the “larger” vision, we also have boats for our families, our companies, our relationships and ourselves.  This vision allows for diversity and individuality and freedom to express our gifts and talents the way we want to.  In fact, we need this diversity!


So here is my call to you today.  Would you be willing to be one of the rowers in the global boat?  Would you be willing to stand up and be counted for Love? For peace?  For compassion?


I realize that initially it will take many who will be the forerunners in this movement.  Many who will be willing to hold the vision for world love….who will be willing to lay down their fear, their ego-based striving, their me, my and mine, and be the harbinger for the rest of the world.


I do believe it will come.  And I do believe when enough of us lay down our swords of judgment, our shields of self-protection and our helmets of thinking we are better than others, that we will spread Love, Compassion and Illumination far and wide covering every inch of this great planet and beyond.


Here is the secret:  this isn’t something else “to do”.  This isn’t hard work.  This isn’t striving.  It’s about allowing.  Surrendering.  Choosing.  It’s about letting go when you feel hurt and forgiving.  It’s about breathing when you want to defend.  It’s about blessing when you feel misunderstood.


It’s knowing that you are loved, you are loving, and you are loveable forever.


It’s remembering who you are and whose you are.  We are each a part of something so much bigger.


And I’ll tell ya, the view of this teamwork on the lake at dusk is so worth it….and would it be said of us that “this is just how we roll”.


Grateful for you,


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