Just Ask For It!


I hope you are having a great week!

I have had so much fun lately asking for things.  I’ve had this new surge of boldness to ask for whatever it is I need or want.  What do I mean exactly?

Well, it started with my new commitment to “speak my mind”.  I just realized that there were so many times when I would think something and then not speak up and share it out loud.

Not that I need to always speak “it” out; it’s just that I knew there were times when speaking up could really support that other person, would keep me true to myself, and might have importance to the relationship or situation.   So a few weeks ago I made a deliberate intention to speak my mind.

I am an outspoken person anyway, so this intention was made with the express purpose of calling me out in risk where I might normally play it safe.

The way all this connects to asking for what I want is when I find myself in situations where I might receive something I want if I will step out in boldness to make the request.

Mainly I am talking about “small” things.  Like asking for a credit to my AT & T account because I have had some issues with my internet.  They gave me $90.00 credit.

Asking for a free refill to my drink when the sign said there was a charge for refills.

Asking for extra services on my car wash, extra help from my neighbor, an extra discount on a product I was buying, etc.

You might be thinking, “Well, that sounds like what I do all the time.”  And perhaps it is, and perhaps there is a new aspect to all this you hadn’t considered.

Let me share the “kicker” to all of this…..the key to:

1. receiving favor and yes answers
2. enjoying this process and having fun

The key is BEING GENEROUS in your personality and way of being.
Being a person who glows, shines, and gives off light and love.

I believe that as we give so we receive.  When we are willing to be people who give energy to others with our smiles, with our attention, and with our authentic kindness, then others naturally want to give back to us.

I find that on the days I make it my intention to love those around me and to generously give my light away, I end up being blessed with favor upon favor.

Life can be so much fun!  Each day can be full of magical moments, special things coming our way, and requests being fulfilled.

Try it out!  Commit yourself to being generous, commit yourself to giving away your loving energy, and expect a return of friendship and favor.

Even my 9th grade son is learning this and coming home from school to report on all the cool things that happen in his day.  I would love to hear from you after you put this into practice.

And what truly is amazing to me is that favor starts to come along in the “bigger” things….new jobs, new friends, new solutions, new connections, etc.

Have fun, expect magic, and give yourself away!

Giving and Receiving,


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