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Have you ever had the feeling that time, as you know it, has slowed down immensely, and you are truly “in a moment of time”, fully alive?


Not sure how well I just described that but it’s been happening a lot lately.


And I love it.  It’s peaceful, blissful even, and all my senses are engaged.


It’s a beautiful time to be alive because things are shifting and new opportunities are occurring for us to experience living more abundantly than ever before.


And there are many challenges as well, even more reason why it’s important for us to rest, be still, and allow our senses to take in the incredible provision all around us.


I just finished a beautiful book about the aborigines of Australia.  Each morning these people pray and surrender to the day and trust the provision they desire to the Universe.  They end their prayer with, “If it is in my highest good and the highest good for all of life everywhere.”


Those words so stand out to me.

For all of life everywhere.  That means ALL of life everywhere…..the people, the plants, and the animals.  I’ve been realizing lately for myself just how sacred each part of life is, just how integral to the whole that every member is.  This awareness has brought me so much joy, so much bliss actually.


I was out on a walk yesterday and I passed a little June bug flipped upside down on the sidewalk.  I stopped, walked back, and helped the little one get on his feet.  It felt good.  It felt sacred and important.  That might sound silly to you, but to me I felt like I was honoring all of creation.


And in that moment my senses were alive.  Probably mainly because I just stopped my movement long enough to be present with what was right in front of me.


It probably had more to do with my willingness to be interrupted than the bug itself.


It probably had more to do with my willingness to place myself on the great wheel of life alongside the likes of the June bug—to stop the all important human drive long enough to see TRUE life.


I was with my father last weekend helping him move into his new place.  Once again, “time stood still” as he and I spent 30 minutes together organizing his curio cabinet.  It was quiet, slow, and deliberate time spent.  There was no hurry, nothing to “get to”, just the desire he had to have each piece in the best place for it to be displayed and enjoyed.


My dad is 77, and I had NO idea he even cared about his curio cabinet.  It was so precious for me to watch him study each piece, as each one had memories attached to it.  Each one meant something to him.  I have to say that those 30 minutes were so alive to me.  I’ll never forget them!


I’ll never forget washing some of the pieces that were dusty and streaked.  The sound and feel of the water as I rinsed each one…..the feel of the kitchen towel on my hands as I dried them.  That June day, there on Wurzbach Avenue in San Antonio, Texas, what mattered was the present moment.  Being in it and of it, living it alive and focused.


That is good stuff right there!  🙂


This week I hope you experience lots of good stuff!  I believe that as we invite the PRESENT in, as we are willing to rest and be and slow down, we are going to experience so many blissful moments….heaven on earth actually.


I believe that as we center our lives around our hearts and tap into the effervescent deep pure well of Love within each of us, heaven will come to earth over and over and over.


Oh that we would just slow down and enjoy the simple things more and more and more.  Nature, beauty, love, good tasting food, friends, full moons, great books, forgiveness, learning…….breathing.  Sigh, I’m taking a deep breath right now as I type this.


If it is in the highest good for myself and all of life everywhere!  Amen!


With love,





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