Job Well Done





Today I want to congratulate you.  For doing so well in this human adventure we call Life on Planet Earth. I really mean that.  Take a moment and just breathe in the feeling of “well done”.


For truly, you are on a quest that not all would dare to venture on.  I’m a firm believer that those of us alive at this particular juncture in history will be counted as heroes and heroines.


We have chosen to be present during this day of accelerating time and technology, and if we are too focused on the mortal plane of existence we will be quite tempted to live in fear, distress and despair.  If we focus only on what we see around us and hear in the news, there is a disproportionate amount of, let’s just say, not so hopeful news.


I’m going to ask you in this blog to consider yourself a hero or heroine.  What do you like most about the heroes in your life, whether flesh and blood people or those in the movies.  What inspires you about them?  What do you want to emulate?  How do you think they think of themselves?



I was thinking of Spider Man the other day.  Have you seen the movies?  I’m sure you are familiar with the story.  He was this pretty ordinary guy before he was bit by the spider…wasn’t all that confident necessarily.  After these powers came to his attention and he got acclimated to them, he changed.


He became more confident.  He came to the realization that he could really do something to serve mankind, that his powers mattered.  His vision expanded.  He woke up each day with a great purpose, with an eagerness he hadn’t had before.


Yes he put on a new suit, the Spider suit, but it’s almost more like he took off another suit….the “this is all I am” suit.  Not only did he start to identify with his new self but I would say he also disidentified with some parts of who he had always been.


You see,  you and I are far more than meets the eye.  Let’s just say that we are Pure Spirit first and human being second.  After this human journey is over, we will continue on in the beautiful unlimited Spirit beings that we are.  So where does the Hero part fit in?


I believe we are heroes when we get out of bed each day choosing to think and feel above this realm we see.  When we commit to living in this body on a planet in the highest way.  What does all this mean?


We seek Love first.  We live from the heart.  When we encounter judgment towards another we realize this isn’t who we really are and we let go.  We choose to see our connection with all others.  We choose to see the innocence of all men and women.


We decide that the way of the Spirit is the way of Freedom.  We learn that it behooves us to allow God’s Light into all of who we are, not just the places that are comfortable.


We consciously engage in taking off the suit of the ego and of identifying with our humanity and circumstances only.  We actively participate to unmemorize those parts of our personality that are not serving us or this world.


We not only believe in Love, but we believe in Love only.


Every moment we Remember who we really are we are the heroes.  This awareness puts us in the place to be for Love no matter our environment, no matter our physical condition and no matter what has been before.


The best part of all of this is that it’s fun, it’s exhilarating, and it’s the true experience of living.  This is when bliss comes in that anchors deep and when we feel the peace that passes all understanding.


Hold the vision of a better world.  Let your Spirit eyes lift you above all the illusions of this mortal realm.  Think and feel like the hero and heroine you truly are.


Things are changing fast.  The Earth needs you to Remember.

Now don’t forget to congratulate yourself!






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