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My birthday was on Earth Day, April 22nd.


I had an amazing birthday celebration that went on for days.  It was full of life, joy, laughter, family, and good friends.


And as I reflect back upon all that “went down”, the birthday experience is now full of so many more things than I originally noticed.


As I’ve taken time to “re-live” moments and look carefully at those moments, I am seeing so much more abundance and blessing than I even first experienced or was aware of.


It’s like seeing a photograph of a flower or raindrop really close up in all its vibrancy, color and nuances.  It’s astounding what you can see when you take a moment to sit right in the middle of something.  Breathtaking.  Overwhelming.  Exhilarating.


I wonder how much Goodness passes right by us because we aren’t looking for it?


I wonder how much love we miss when we don’t stop long enough to See, with a capital S?


I wonder how many gifts of God never get acknowledged because we zoom through life?


Now I’m sure we see in part and feel gratitude and even get all excited about it.  But WHAT IF we could see so much more….and feel so much more of the Good life?


The 18th century Japanese artist, Hokusai, puts it pretty brilliantly:


Hokusai says look carefully.

He says pay attention, notice. He says keep looking, stay curious.

He says there is no end to seeing…

He says everything is alive -
shells, buildings, people, fish, mountains, trees.

Wood is alive. Water is alive. Everything has its own life.

Everything lives inside of us. He says live with the world inside you.

He says it doesn’t matter if you draw, or write books. It doesn’t matter if you saw wood, or catch fish…

It matters that you care.

It matters that you feel.

It matters that you notice.

It matters that life lives through you.

-Roger Keyes on Hokusai, famous Japanese artist from 18th century


So here is how it’s done.


Look and keep looking.  Look from all angles…make it fun, like a child walking around the Christmas tree to see what else is under there with their name on it.


There is so much Good out there EVERY day presenting itself to me through relating, the faces of people, touch, nature, animals, the sky, sounds, words, tastes, etc.


We stop short and we call it good enough.  Hmmm.  Or we settle for WAY less than the best and call it happiness.


It reminds me of those high power juicers that squeeze every last drop from the fruit or vegetable.  I mean…they get it all.  All the nutrients and color and bounty.


I’m out to experience that with Life.


Take time to appreciate everything kind around you.  Notice the color of the eyes with someone you are with.  Take a moment to really look at them.  Notice their smile and how the lines of their face move when they talk.


Think about the care that is being shown to you and let that care sink all the way in. Someone cares for you.  Wow!  If someone does something for you, realize what thought went into that or what they gave to have it turn out.  What energy was poured out for you.


Stop and watch the trees sway or the clouds move.  Stop and smell roses, for real.  Enjoy the delight of that smell……it is a gift for you!


Stop taking for granted compliments.  Accept and receive them.  Maybe someone tells you they love you every day.  When was the last time you really listened to that and went, “Whoa, they love ME.”  How incredible is that?


Here’s the thing….the more we notice, the greater our lives become, and the better this world becomes.  For real.  It’s not just an exercise in gratitude.  It’s what THIS is all about.  Feeling amazing.  Living freely.  Experiencing love wildly.


And I’m telling ya, if we will drink ALL the nutrients of life and love, we will BECOME a people that serve only the Light.


It matters that you notice.


It matters that you look and keep looking.


It matters that life lives through us.

Enjoy a beautiful week,





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