Is it Contagious?




Yesterday I decided to write my blog about laughter this week.  I was inspired because I was having a “low” morning.  It was just one of those mornings where I got out of bed and I felt “heavy”.


Soon after, I was driving to the gym listening to a radio station whose female DJ had the most hilarious laugh.  There I sat at the red light, in my wet blanket emotional state, and after about 5 seconds of listening to this woman cracking up, my lips started to curl up in a smile, and in a few more seconds I was laughing out loud myself.  Not at anything being said on the station, simply because her laugh inspired me to laugh.


A rich laugh is so contagious!!


And now, as I write this blog, I am watching the dearest funniest movie called College Road Trip……ever seen it?  My kids love it.  It’s been a non-stop homework day for my boys, so we are all taking a few moments to watch some of this movie before bed.  This movie makes me laugh out loud like crazy!  (And cry).


I’m thinking, “How perfect to watch this as I write about laughter!”


I can write and laugh out loud.


My kids think I am crazy because I laugh so loud and so outrageously.  I have even noticed in the past year that my laugh has actually transformed as I have experienced more freedom in my life…it’s louder and stronger and a bit more obnoxious!


So the point of this post today is to inspire you to laugh, and to laugh real hard.   To find what it is that makes you laugh and just do it.


To allow yourself the freedom to laugh quickly and readily and heartily.  To allow yourself to cut loose and let yourself go.  Do it at appropriate times, do it at inappropriate times, just do it.


Notice the word “allow”.  Give yourself permission to really laugh through the stress and pressures and tensions of this life.


Life can be so dang serious!  Even today I needed to remind myself to “loosen up”. I want my moments of living to be way more about joy and bliss than stress and uptight.


I find that laughing at myself is one of the easiest ways to produce good humor and fun actually.  Laugh at something silly you do, when you trip and no one sees you, or when you totally goof something up.  Rather than beat yourself up about it or get all self-conscious, how about trying laughing for a change?


After I laughed yesterday with the DJ, I was uplifted.  I felt better.  I was happier.  I wasn’t taking my morning quite so seriously anymore.  Not that everything shifted but I know my biology shifted.  Apparently laughter positively affects our blood flow, our immune systems, our blood sugar levels and our ability to relax and sleep.


One thing I love about my sister Jill is that we laugh together.  We can be anywhere at anytime and find something to laugh about…or we just create it ourselves by acting stupid!  We were together recently in San Antonio at my dad’s house.  Football was on TV, and Jill all of a sudden decided we needed to try chest bumping like the players do.  Here are the results on video.  Enjoy….and hopefully you will find yourself laughing!  This is my sister and my nephew and she is wearing an old hat we used to share in elementary school.  You’ll hear my dad’s coaching in the background which makes me laugh too!

IMG_0703 (2)

This week see how contagious your laugh can be!







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