Into the Wardrobe




Today’s blog might seem a little “out there” to some of you, but I hope it summons something deep within you.  I hope it reaches right in and touches the place of ancient mysteries within you.


Quite simply, there is so much more than meets the eye.


There is so much more “out there” for us to awaken to, to be lit up by, to be ecstatic about, and to be blown away by.


When Alice fell down the rabbit hole, she had been thinking that it was just an ordinary day….


When Lucy went into the wardrobe she had no idea she was about to discover a new world…


When Dorothy encountered the cyclone all she knew were the plains of Kansas…..


You are not ordinary.  You never have been.


And this world is not what perhaps you’ve always thought it to be.


The days we live in are funky and far out.  Have you noticed?


Time is changing….well, our experience of time is.


I bet if you really stopped to think about it, you would notice that there is an odd sense of time, energy, experience, thought…….sometimes you feel really present and sometimes really spacey.


We are in transition.


We are waking up.


And we really, like no kidding, ARE the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Perhaps I will write more about all of this at some point, but for today, I just want to invite you into the wardrobe.


I’m sure you’ve all watched movies where characters did something super crazy….like step through a portal to another world having NO idea what was on the other side.


Or like in the Matrix when Neo swallowed the red pill, knowing that he would never be able to return to the world he came from, to the safe “known” place.


The safe known place offers us a false sense of security.  It hides us in the cloak of illusion.  It wants us to think we will be protected there, when in reality, we will just carry on as is…..same ole same ole.


So why do we like the movies where our characters leave the known for the adventure?  Because they experience life!  They experience depth and passion and fervor.  They find themselves don’t they?  They find out what their gifts are and what they have really come for.


So today, I want you to think about two scenarios:




“Safe”/More safe than you’ve ever been, it just might not always look or feel like the kind of safe you are used to.


Boring routine/Exciting discoveries


3 D/5 D




Predictable/Moment by Moment


If you could step into the wardrobe would you?


One is not right and the other wrong…….but one will take you where you have truly always wanted to go.  Where you planned on going before you ever even came here.


Don’t let the illusion of the “world” dumb you down.


When you make the choice to leave the known behind, everything feels different.


Even the flowers you pass on your walk become more vibrant.


You might not understand all of what I’m implying here today, but no matter.


Just decide.  Just jump.  Just step in.  Just let go.


In time the new will reveal itself to you.


Are you starting to see the glow of the lamp post yet?


Remembering who I AM,




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