Inspiration from the Idol

I am an American Idol fan! I got into this show a few years back and I really do enjoying watching it. This year, for me, was the best ever. I keep talking about it because not only have I been inspired by watching the show but I have learned some powerful lessons. I’d like to share some of those with you today in hopes of passing along the beauty and glory. Yes, glory…….have you ever noticed how each day there are experiences of beauty and glory right in front of us if we will just SEE them?


1. The creativity of the human spirit is the most beautiful thing ever.
The producers of American Idol are brilliant. So so creative. Last night’s finale was a clear expression of talent, ingeniousness, art, brilliance, and glory. To watch people having fun, doing what they love, expressing incredible vitality and energy and generosity through giving their gifts makes me cry.

What are your gifts of creativity? Are you allowing yourself an outlet to give them? Is it through spoken words? Written words? Poetry? Music? Design?
Cooking? Gardening? Loving others? Each of us is endowed with off the charts creativity…..I encourage you to express those today…..when you give your gifts the world experiences glory.

2. Creating a platform for others to shine is one of the most powerful opportunities we have!
Watching this show was like watching a “love fest” each week. The level of energy, encouragement, and affirmation was uncontainable. I watched as the judges and show host embellished their love and belief in these very young talented individuals. It was magic. No kidding. Week after week I literally watched transformation taking place in these young artists. The explanation? Opportunity to shine, faith from others, support, affirmation, feedback, an environment of allowance.

Who is in your life that you can embellish with your faith so they can rise and risk? You ARE the platform for others to live their best life and perhaps they just need your words of affirmation, your touch, or maybe you can open doors for them to give their gifts by creating new opportunities.  YOUR faith in them might be the very thing that leads them to live life in all their greatness.


3. Lessons and beauty come in unexpected places
If you had told me that I would come to respect and appreciate and learn so much from Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler I would have doubted. You see, I had judgments about them. I wouldn’t have said I “liked” them before this season of American Idol, and then there they were as new judges this year.
So are you ready for this? I LOVE them now! I have such high respect for both of them because I have witnessed their courage, their tenderness, their generosity, and their humility. It’s been a huge lesson for me in being open to SEE and LOOK FOR fresh life and wonder from people I just wouldn’t have expected it from.

Who might you discount? Someone you know, someone you don’t know? The person in your family or at your workplace that you just don’t click with or that you have judgments about? The woman at the bank, the guy next door? I wager that most of the people we encounter each day can be our “angels” if we will receive them and open ourselves to their “amazing-ness”.


Can we just let go for awhile, of our resistance, of our striving, of our judging…….to really listen, to really see, to really BE in this wondrous life.

Taking a deep breath and letting go,

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