How Do You Arrive?






Today’s blog is short and simple.


It’s very simple.


It’s about keeping it simple.


“Nothing matters except how we are arriving at life today.”


For some reason, that sentence makes me breathe relief.  Just saying the words out loud and personalizing it seems to trigger an inner sigh of comfort.


Nothing matters except how I am arriving at life today.


This is what it is all about.  Going afresh, going again, choosing anew in the moment.


I might have been a jerk yesterday, but today I decide to be open and compassionate.


I might have lived in anxiety yesterday, but today I am choosing peace.


I might have felt low and despairing yesterday, but today I am taking in the Light of Trust.


We can make it even more simple by substituting “five minutes ago” for yesterday and “right now” for today.


One of my best “knowings” was when I realized that it’s always a good time to start again. There is always the next present moment to shift into something new.  A new attitude, a new perspective, a new innocence, a new forgiveness.


How will I arrive at life right now?


Will I accept my path today?  Will I relax into what is before me, knowing that Spirit is guiding me?


Will I be grateful?


Will I appreciate?  Will I go on a rampage of appreciation?


Will I release resistance to circumstances and just be?


Oh here is a really good one:  Will I find my relevance in what others think about me or in alignment with the Divine?


Let’s be simple uh?


Let’s approach life with ease.


I believe when we choose to just relax into the presence of Life itself and stay away from pronouncing good/bad and right/wrong, we allow room for greater wisdom to surface from within, and we also make way for the peace that passes all understanding to undergird our hearts and minds.


So that’s it.  Short.  Simple.


No matter how your day has gone today, this is a new moment.


No matter how your life has gone, no matter what has occurred in your past, no matter who you think you have been… is what matters.


How you arrive in Life today is what counts.


If you are willing to go again, Providence will come along, sweep you up, and provide all that you need.


Sending sparkles,




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