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I’ve been thinking about the mystery and symbolism of fire all this week because here in central Texas we’ve been surrounded with raging fires.


Do you know the story from Greek mythology about Prometheus the fire-bringer?


I believe there is an inspiring message for us from this story, and I believe these earthly fires can remind us of who we really are and what we are really about.


So let’s take a look at this Titan Prometheus.


This is the Julie Gosh simple summary of his story.


Prometheus wanted to help mankind.  He was a visionary and an action-taker!  So he left the comfort of Mount Olympus to live among men and equip them to live out their destiny.  He saw them cold and huddling in caves, and he knew that if they just had fire they would be encouraged to make a new start for themselves and build a future for their families.


Zeus would have none of this idea, so Prometheus took it upon himself to take a spark from Zeus’s lightening bolt and share it with the human race.  In mythology, this is how fire first came to earth.  In some cultures Prometheus is revered for being a visionary, for risking his life and God-status to serve man, and for inspiring others to be light-bearers.


In these days of great change on planet earth, it’s very important that we anchor into who we really are, into our authentic selves.  And I believe we are called to be Light-Bearers, to hold the space of light in places of fear and darkness.


Let’s just say for the sake of our story, that Prometheus represents God, and that God is choosing to incarnate Himself in each of us, each day.   I can hear His strong voice saying, “Here is your light, here is your torch, hold it high.  Raise it up in the name of Love.  Be the miracle.  Spread Love quickly like the fire spreads heat.  In your encounters with others and in your places of suffering, be the Light of Love not fear.”


I read this quote from Marianne Williamson the other day, and I believe it so summarizes today’s story.  It’s a rather long quote and I believe incredibly rich:


“Our problems transform themselves into our medicine when we learn to face how we created them to begin with.  This spiritual medicine—often so bitter tasting when it is going down—will one day be seen to have been that which saved your life.  From divorce to illness to bankruptcy to whatever other form of loss, you finally come to realize that your crisis was in fact your initiation into the fullness of your self.


Having faced the fire of your initiation and survived its heat, you can now serve others in a whole new way.  By being a living testimony to life transformed, you carry in your cells a sacred knowledge, and in your mind and heart a sacred fire.  It’s not the fire of your youth but the fire of Prometheus, who emerged with the light that would light the world.  It’s a light that you could only have gotten from having faced some version of your personal hell, and now you are inoculated to the fires that rage around you.”


If we are to be Light-Bearers we need the recognition that within us is the Divine Stronghold.  Our true self is untouched by the hurt and pain inflicted on us by others.  Our true self is steady, true, enlightened, awakened.  Our true self is able to convert suffering to grace.


Today I encourage us all to ask God to connect us with our true self.  Let’s ask Him to help us shed the darkness and the masks and the self-protection that limit Love, that we might raise our torches high and be people of great compassion and peace.


YOU make a difference in these critical times for our beloved earth!!


Holding the Light,











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