Have You Checked in On Your DNA Today?

In the 1990’s, scientists working with the US Army conducted a study where they took DNA from an individual and placed it in a special chamber where they could observe it. The individual who’s DNA it was sat in a room several hundred feet away from the DNA. The person was shown video images designed to create states of emotion inside his body. The material ranged from graphic wartime footage to sensual images to comedy. Exactly when the participant experienced emotions his DNA reacted. The DNA was damaged with destructive images and emotions and healed with uplifting images and corresponding emotions.

The scientists then separated this individual from his DNA by 350 miles and the same thing occurred again! No time delay…their DNA responded immediately to what the person felt. WOW!

In 2004, a scientist “de-coded” DNA based on a first century mystical book called the Sepher Yetzirah, which shows that every one of the elements of our DNA corresponds to a letter from the ancient Hebrew alphabet. They translated the DNA into these letters, and it literally reads: “God/Eternal within the body.” Even our DNA speaks of Divine Presence.

So what is the implication for you, for me? What I take from this is that we are walking miracles of love, for one, and that our very makeup is pure raw potential power. Is there anything too difficult for us, as ones created with Divine Intelligence? If our thinking and emotions are capable of impacting our DNA immediately, then just how capable are we of giving life, of healing life, or of taking life, of destroying life?

It’s also said that every time we touch another human, we leave a little of our DNA behind with them. Imagine what is possible if we touch another with love and kindness? And on the flip side imagine what is possible if we touch another with hate, or fear?

Consider for a moment, what occurs in your DNA, in your blueprint for living, so to speak, when you are harsh with yourself? When you beat yourself up, condemn yourself, walk in shame and anger with yourself? When you hold onto a memory as if it is true, as if it determines the course of your life? When you choose to not forgive, when you resist the people in your life?

And imagine the beautiful occurrence in your DNA when you forgive yourself and others, when you let go, when you release, when you accept, when you love yourself, when you surrender.
Take a moment today to check in with your DNA. Take inventory of your thinking. What are you dwelling upon? What are you choosing to ruminate on? And how is your DNA responding?

I believe that kindness with ourselves and others is top of the list as far as living whole well lives. Maybe today you want to put on paper all of the things you are hanging onto. Fears, judgments, accusations, blame, worries, losses, unforgiveness. Stuff you are resisting. Just write them all out and make today the day you let them go. You really are that powerful. Open your hands, open your heart…..deep exhale………there it all goes. Trust the Divine One that has engraved Himself on the very strands of your DNA.

Here’s to our healing,

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