Have You Allowed Yourself to See?




What if there truly was no “other”?


What if the distinctions we make about us-them are just distractions?


Distractions from our purpose, our love, our destiny?


I believe at our core we are all One.  There is one people, one love, one consciousness.  No borders.  No colors.  No races.


I imagine all of us want peace and abundance.  The cessation of war, the cessation of poverty, and the cessation of illness.


Can this be realized with the continuation of what I’m going to call Us Pride?


I wonder how much we have really allowed ourselves to envision unity.  Peace on earth and goodwill towards men.  A healed planet, sickness deceased, everyone working together.


I think when we truly do take the time to imagine what can be……and for me, what I know WILL BE, we will be compelled to do away with the distinctions we hold that separate us.


We hold them because they help us survive in a world full of competition and fear.  A world where nations pit against nation, where borders become barriers, and where it seems hard to know who to trust.


These separations we cling to are all just illusions of safety anyway.  Coping mechanisms.


And they do not foster well-being.  Security.  Freedom.  Intimacy.


We will change the world.


I guarantee it.


I hope in this New Year that you will give yourself the gift of SEEING a new world.  No matter what you see now, begin to see what you want to live.  And by all means pour forth your energy into KNOWING it is not only possible, but remarkably probable.


Once this view overtakes you, you’ll never look at another in quite the same way or be able to judge like you have.  Divisions won’t matter, titles will feel obsolete, and differences won’t threaten.


The reason we love the Olympics so much is that it brings everyone together on common ground.


Isn’t this gorgeous Terra Firma all the common ground we need?


So be it within your own family, neighborhood, work-place, city, state, nation….let’s celebrate our diversity under an umbrella of One.  One Love.


May the beginning of this year 2014 for all of us hold the experience of great promise and miraculous new perspectives!










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