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When people ask me, “Do you enjoy coaching?”, my answer is usually something like, “Well, yes, I do love coaching…and really I just like authentically being with people in life.”  The titles can fall away as far as I am concerned.  What matters to me is being with someone in such a way that when they leave my presence they are different.  Something has occurred. Something has been exchanged.  They will never be the same.


Not because I have done something magnificent but because I have chosen to be something magnificent.  And because I have recognized that inherent within myself and all of us is a powerful Light, and if we allow it to shine in all its brilliance, we will presence transformation. This is what matters to me.


I am loving the word harmony lately.  Harmony connotes to me peaceful living, alignment, understanding and awareness. When I think about harmony I breathe deeper, I relax my body, and I envision a beautiful dwelling within myself.  A place where abundance and love are expressed, and a place where others can come and drink deep from the wellspring of grace.


My coaching style has developed over the years as I have come to know myself and have allowed myself to be true.  I think of myself as a “thought and feeling consultant”–I listen to notice what is going on with a person in how they think and feel.  I don’t see myself as necessarily being a goal consultant, rather more a process consultant.  We can accomplish goals all day long, but if we don’t revitalize our thinking and learn to honor our emotions either the goal will not sustain or we won’t be in the place to really enjoy the results we have created.


I know that Harmony is our birthright, and that we are meant to live lives of great freedom and penetration.  To experience the deliciousness of living life without attachments or aversions.  It is a value of mine to partner with others that they might fully participate in the deepest expression of Harmony and well-being.  To this end I choose to coach and love and share the gifts God has given to me.


My Coaching sessions are done over the phone or can be in person if you live in Austin.  If you would like more information about these sessions, please write to me at:  julie@juliegosh.com.













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