Goodbye Shore




I’ll tell ya right up front that I’m hoping to provoke a response from within you today.  That response being a gigantic YES decree that pours out of you all day today and tomorrow and the day after that…


I imagine many of you watch some of the Olympic events.  My sons and I watch quite a bit, especially the alpine events, because we love to ski and we have a love affair with mountains.


I’m ALWAYS stirred to dream and live a more risky life watching these amazing athletes do their thing. They are beautiful…from their strong enduring bodies to their indomitable spirits.  Their quest for evolution and creativity stirs me in the deepest places and usually brings me to tears every time I watch them.


I love these men and women because they don’t hug the shore.  They don’t wait around for everything to line up just right.  They don’t hold back when it’s their time to shine.  They cut loose into the great unknown.


They recognize the champion in the other, whether it be their teammate or their prime competitor.  They honor the disciplines the other has endured and they celebrate exquisite skills and talents, no matter what country or race they come from.


They don’t seem to see limitation…only expansion.  They don’t say, “I can’t or I could never,” rather they express, “Let’s go for it, let’s try it, why not, what’s there to lose?”



The conditions of the course might not be perfect or what they are used to, but they don’t complain, they make the very best of it.  They bring their A game, their big smile of gratitude for the opportunity to play this wild and brilliant sport, and they get up and go again and again and again.


I’m impressed.  I’m inspired.  I’m energized.


I’m taking stock of every internal conversation and mindset in my life that even speaks of limitation. 


Did you get that?


Limited thinking is what we’ve been trained into.  It’s actually not us.  Truly, it’s not.


A baby does not come out of the womb thinking limitation.  It comes out ready to create big and bold.  It’s only over time, as we experience the limited mindsets of those around us and in our culture, that we adapt to this pervasive subversive way of living.


These athletes show me, show us, that it’s high time to step out of our self-created boxes and to step over these self-constructed walls, and to un-tether ourselves from the deceiving safety of our limited fearful thinking.


This looks different for each of us of course.  We’ve held ourselves back in some unique ways and in some common ways.


Limitation can look like comparison and it can look like judgment.  It can look like jealousy and it can look like scarcity.  It can look like doubting your own worth and it can look like being afraid of the future.


Limitation is all around us – in how we think about our health, our wealth, and our relationships.


I’m living a great big YES these days and I’m symbolically jumping off the cliff EVERY single day.


YES to life!


YES to loving oh so big!


YES to adventure!


YES to letting go of everything not in my highest good!


YES to releasing every single fear I can think of!


YES to embracing and even intentionally diving into the unknown!


I KNOW that it is only in the wild blue yonder of the unknown that I will find the full and complete version of myself.


Limitation begets limitation.


Freedom begets freedom.


Just start with yes.  It’s one of the most powerful words in our language.  You don’t have to know how, just say yes.  Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes… feels so good to say it, to shout it, to live it.


If you will start saying yes to the invitation of the Universe to let go of your limitation mindsets, you will find them falling away.  Doesn’t matter how it all looks, just quit hugging the shore.  🙂


I’ll see ya on the slopes!



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