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The Beach Boys have been singing about good vibrations for a long time….that feeling you get when with or thinking about a certain someone.  You know the feeling…the excitement, the bliss, the overall euphoric feeling that a person or situation brings to you.


Those feelings are vibrations, quite literally.  Everything we think and feel and do has a certain vibration to it…a frequency that reverberates around us and out into the world.


Even a written word on a piece of paper vibrates.  It’s been studied that “negative” words have a low vibration and “positive” words have a higher vibration.


Disease has a very low vibration while health has a high vibration.  People have literally studied the vibration of a cancer cell vs. a healthy cell.


So what does this all mean for us?


I’ve been listening to conversations around me the past couple of weeks.  And listening to my own.  I’ve been noticing how often the tone of a conversation is that of complaint or criticism.  People telling stories about someone else or about something that happened “to” them.  Talking about things they don’t like or what is bothering them.  He said, she said.


I’ve been noticing how those conversations feel.  Even if I’m just hearing it around me…how does it feel?  What is the vibration of complaint?  Worry?  Judgment?  Despair?


If the vibrations of these words and attitudes are so low then why are we continuing to choose them over and over and what is the impact on our health and well-being?


Even if those feelings never make it to an actual out loud conversation but are just kept within us, they still carry the same vibration and impact.


Now I’m not suggesting stuffing or being Pollyanna all the time, but I am suggesting we begin to take a more observant position around what we are thinking and feeling and what conversations we are having.


We hold the power to change.  We hold the power to vibrate higher and thus be healthier and happier and affect the well-being all around us.


Look at these words and see what feelings are evoked:



















Now look at these words:
















Do you know that even fragrances have a vibration?  Rose is one of the very highest vibrations.  No surprise is it…what a gorgeous smell!  Fill your house with beautiful fragrances.  Your body will thank you.


Even a smile vibrates.  Smile around your house even if you are alone—try it and see.  Your vibration will instantly rise.


Ever notice those people that just frown a lot?  They look worn and tired.  Somehow they have chosen perspectives that have produced the results of lower vibrations.  Those people aren’t that much fun to be around are they?


The message today is to encourage you to CHOOSE thoughts and feelings and discussions that bring LIFE to you, to your body, and to those around you near and far.


We are that powerful.  What we think and what we feel impacts the world.


This is why Love will save the day.


Play the game of life with great gusto.  Meditate on what makes you feel good.  Get out in nature as much as you can because nature understands vibrations.  Go hug a tree ( I love this yes) and feel the vibrations of stability flowing through you.  It’s so powerful.


Become the observer of your own vibrations.  Choose worthy conversations.  Choose compassion over judgment…we are all doing our best.  Choose to be grateful rather than complain.  And if you want to talk something through with someone, try to do it from a place of neutrality rather than from the victim.


There are so many simple ways to be healthier.


What a worthy compelling mission.


Much love to you this week,





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