Go On, Crowd On In!



This photo is from yesterday.  This is my dog’s bed, and as you can see my cat is in there too.  This is the first time the cat has ever done this.  These two have lived together for 9 years, and out of nowhere Sparky the cat has decided to crowd on in with Liberty!


I am still not sure what Liberty thought of it all.  Hard to tell by his face.  🙂


I make up he liked it and he didn’t like it.  I do know he didn’t move—stayed that way for hours.  It was as if he enjoyed another in his space, in his face, and he also wasn’t too sure what he thought about the uncomfortability of the presence, of the new.


So where am I going with all this?  I’m wondering where you may want to give yourself permission to bring your gift into the space of another?  Where you can step out and be bold with another?


I have a sense this week that we are being called into boldness with our truth.  That there is a place, waiting for us, where the gift of our strong clear presence is needed.  My cat was unapologetic about his presence.  He didn’t wait for an invitation.  He just went on in.  He snuggled up next to the dog and just “was” in the space.


And while I imagine this might cause an experience of uncomfortability with another, perhaps it’s exactly what they are asking for.  Perhaps they are asking for care.  Asking for truth.  Asking for a new way.  Perhaps they are asking for an intervention of sorts, for a loving hug, or for honesty.


I believe each of us really want to be seen, to be known, and to be challenged if it will support us in having a fresh and exuberant experience of life.


So where do you want to speak your truth?


With who do you want to be bold?


Is there a place you want to lovingly “invade” for the good of the other?


Perhaps you just want to be more “out there” in your daily life?  Taking risks to bring your loving energy into the space of another.


Do you just want to fling yourself without hesitation into your day, into your relationships?


Where do you hold back?


There is a Best Buy commercial out these days that asks the question, “What will your gift do?”


So what will YOUR gift do?


This week how about being willing to have the Spirit of Life call on you to get up and step out?


Raise your hand and like a child say, “Oh oh oh, pick me, pick me!!”


“Pick me even if it feels risky.  Pick me even if I feel uncomfortable.  Pick me even if the other person feels uncomfortable.  Pick me because I am tired of being held back by anything.  Pick me because I care.  Pick me because I know my gift matters.”


If you have any doubt that your gift matters, then say the above like a prayer this week, give yourself permission to act on it when the moment comes, and you will see the positive impact you have on another.


Now for those of you out there that are always pretty bold, ask God for a new way yet to be your true self.  Perhaps it’s being quiet when normally you would talk.  Perhaps it’s being tender when normally you are not.



I would so love to hear any stories of experiences you have this week with this, so if you feel like writing in the comments please do.  We can all be encouraged.


This is a big week and there is plenty of momentum behind you.  So feel the eagerness of the Universe backing you as you believe, as you crowd on in with others.  Have fun, take some leaps!


Grateful for you,








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