Getting Unstuck





Someone that I greatly admire, a “teacher” of mine, told a story the other day about their own awakening process.


I had one of those wonderful “aha” moments…the kind where it really sinks in.


Apparently their housekeeper had departed for the day and left an extension chord stuck behind a very heavy dresser.  Very stuck.


So this mentor of mine said that upon discovery of the stuck chord she laughed.  And then she set about figuring out how to get it unstuck.


The job apparently took her quite awhile because the dresser was super heavy and she was alone.


She said that she knew she was doing well in her process of transformation because not only was she not frustrated or angry, but that she found great joy in the task.  She chuckled her way through it and actually had fun figuring out how to get the chord free.


And then she said, “I mean, what else is there to do in life but get extension chords unstuck?  What could be more important than that?”


And she was serious.


There was a long pause.  It was a delicious moment.


If life is for joy, and she was being joyful, then what could be more important than that?


If everything is about Being love, and during that period she was filled with loving feelings then what could be more important than that?


It struck me how we prioritize our activities based on what the world would say is significant.  Or what we think is most valuable.  Or what makes money.  Or what makes us look or feel important.  Or what checks the boxes on our list.



And then, when we are doing things like getting extension chords unstuck or cleaning the floor after something has spilled, we tend to grumble or rush or just “get through it” so we can move onto the “more important” things.


My shredder got so jammed the other day after I put a plastic card through it.  I spent an hour cleaning it out and taking it apart.  Actually I think I spent more than an hour.


This occurred soon after I had heard the story from my teacher.


Can I tell you how much fun I had messing with the shredder?  It was as if time stood still and I completely enjoyed using my creativity to figure out what was needed.


And I can truly say that during that time I felt like I was doing what was most important.  I was Present.  Free.  Unencumbered.


I had fun.


I experienced joy.


I used my inner creativity.


I didn’t judge the task or use of time as less important or trivial or a bother.


Another important piece for me in all of this is trusting Life.  Trusting that everything is perfect.  Trusting that what should “get done” will.


This orientation allows me the privilege of making the most of every moment.


Could the jam have actually liberated me….from judgment, rushing, and scarcity?


Could the stuck chord have actually assisted my friend in getting unstuck… thought, attitude, perspective?


Open your awareness this week to what you are choosing in your moments.  What are you feeling in your experiences?  How present are you?  Are you accepting of what life has brought you right now?


Remember, this is an adventure.  A process of learning and unlearning.


Have fun with it and don’t take yourself so seriously, ya hear?   🙂


Getting unstuck and slowing down,




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