Free Fall





Trust has been a theme word for me lately and also with a number of close friends in my life.  Hmmm, perhaps the Universe is trying to convey a relevant message.


How many things are going on in your life right now that you would love to have a deep peace about?  I mean, like a solid knowing that the details are being worked out, the path is being made clear, and all is well?


Perfect time for a free fall.


Even when life is flowing magnificently there are still life processes evolving.


Even in the very best of experiences being encountered, life still being lived out in an ebb and flow process.


There will never be a time in our human experience when everything is in complete order because that actually isn’t what we are here for…..and quite honestly it would be SO boring, oh my gosh!



We are here to continue evolving….and…evolution by its very nature implies the unknown, implies change, implies discovery……


So why do we resist the transformations?


Why do we grow so impatient when we cannot see the end result in our lives or when we cannot yet taste the tangible fruit of something we long for?


For those of you who garden, do you fret and worry during the months when the veggies aren’t yet popping up out of the ground?  I doubt you are wringing your hands and trying to speed up the process.  Why?  Because you have a knowing.  You know it takes time, you know it can’t be rushed, and you know the growth depends on the sun and water and temperatures, etc.


I even bet you might say that you know it’s a sacred process….all this planting and reaping.


What if the Universe is inviting us into a dance of trust, unlike anything we’ve ever yet experienced and unlike how most of the world around us operates?


If life is always evolving, and if there’s always going to be the unknown, then wouldn’t it make sense that our Benevolent Source wants us to be at peace?  DEEEP peace.  With Joy.  At Ease.  In Freedom.


Trusting life means many things.  For me, it means resting when I cannot see what’s next.  It means having my heart and body at ease even when I would like something completed/healed and I am not yet experiencing it in the here and now.


It means abiding in the  KNOWING that I am being looked out for 24/7 by loving forces.


It means going with the flow and not resisting when things don’t go how I would prefer them to go.


Let me share a new thing I’m practicing.  When someone does not show up in the way I would like them to, I rejoice.  When they don’t provide the answer I desire or the response I prefer, I go into grateful mode.


This has been so much fun.  Rather than make up stuff about why or what, rather than go to disappoint mode, I thank God….because it gives me the opportunity to remember I am complete and whole, fulfilled and free.   It gives me the opportunity to NOT rise or fall based on another and to stand in my own security and happiness.


“For the enlightened mind is in complete abundance, always.”


“For safety can come only in reclining in the Heart of God.”


You might even consider taking a piece of paper and writing “Trust” across the top.  Spend two minutes filling the paper with all the words that come to you for how this trust feels.  Just let it flow, and before you know it you will be caught up in the stability of trust.  I do this frequently with different words and it’s so powerful.


So these are a few of the ways I am living out Trusting Life.  What other ways can you come up with?


Relaxing into Free Fall,
















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