Follow Your Bliss


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Hello Friends,


I’m on vacation this week, and just wanted to pop in and send a little Julie Mojo your way.  This picture was taken in front of the house I’m staying at in Grand Cayman.  This huge cloud is hard to miss uh?  Actually impossible to miss if you were out on the beach with me the other eve.


What in your life is beckoning your attention like this cloud?  What is “talking to you”, illuminating for you the desires of your heart?   What is right there present in your life calling to you saying, “Hey, listen to this…..Look at this…..give me your undivided attention”?  I imagine there is a harbinger present in your life directing you to abandon some old things and follow your new bliss.


I encourage you this week to pause and be still and allow yourself to be wow’ed by the messengers in your life and right in front of you on your path. Take time to check in on your heart.  What’s it saying?  What do you love?  What do you want to be about in your life?


Joseph Campbell said, “Follow your bliss.”


I hope and pray this week you will give yourself permission to dream big, to cast away old notions that are not serving you, and to take a big bold step in the direction of whatever it is that makes you come alive.


You are worth it!

Much love,



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