Don’t Hit the Snooze Button!


wake up


Is your alarm going off?


Are you getting up?


Waking up?


Spring is the perfect time for us to wake up from any slumber of cultural status quo, from any places we are hiding in complacency, and from any conformity we’ve been masquerading in.


The Sun is calling for us to wake up.  The flowers, the bees, and the colors are beckoning us to stop sharing a bed with illusions and old ways that keep us imprisoned.


This is a new day, a new time, and the earth is partnering with us to evolve, evolve, evolve.


Surrender everything you know over to the great Source of Life.  Let go of everything you hold onto that you think brings you safety.  Release all your concerns…throw them to the wind or throw them into a river or throw them off a mountain.


This is the greatest time to be alive and you are here for a reason—do what makes you happy.  Don’t spend another day in a rut  intending to keep going down any paths that are not serving your well-being.


One of my favorite prayers is this:  God I am willing to be made willing, please help me.


Pray a prayer of surrender and willingness today.  There is cosmic assistance surrounding you at every turn and most importantly inside your own heart.


We are here for joy.  We are here for freedom.  And we are here to be happy.


And I might add, we are here to cultivate world peace…truly, we are, and we will.


Let Spring remind you that “all things new” is not just a possibility but a probability.


You don’t have to play anyone’s game anymore.  You don’t have to get in line and follow the rules.  In fact, please don’t.  A liberated unapologetic band of lovers is the most powerful force in the world.


It’s a new day.  Will you heed the cues to awaken and keep on awakening?  “Once we see the light we know there will be no satisfaction until we’ve experienced Divinity.”  Dr. John Kitchin   (I encourage you to watch this video)


Say goodbye to sorrows, resentments, and lower energy living, and open your willing heart to the Light of a New Day.  You are a magnificent being.


I’m saying yes yes yes yes yes today….yes to what makes my heart sing, yes to leaving the old behind, and yes to “here I am Universe!!”


Please get out in nature today….there are simple answers waiting for you there.


Love love love,


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